Memories of Stephanie Baron '16

Steph was a great friend to me, my younger brother and many of my other friends.  Steph was not only a fellow Saint, but I went to high school with her and stayed close with her during summers and at SLU.  Since high school, she was the life of the party, a positive person and dedicated to sports and her education.  Her death is tragic in the Westhill community and she will be missed.

Tristram B. Nicola '14

Steph was truly a remarkable person as stated by President Fox and other faculty members.  I was very lucky to have gotten to know her in Syracuse as well as her time at SLU.  She will truly be missed in the Syracuse community but most of all in the Laurentian community.  My deepest deepest condolences to the family.  Rest in Peace Steph!

Marcus Emerson '13

Steph and I were in the same FYS this past year and we, along with a few others, made that class a blast!  We would also hang out together on weekends and what not.  We always had an awesome time.  Whenever someone said something ridiculous in class, we would just look at each other and laugh.  Due to our FYS, she became interested in being an attorney.  I have been pursuing this since 7th grade, but we would talk about being lawyers together and opening up a law firm in the city.  She worked so hard and was so passionate about everything she believed in. She was charismatic, down to earth, and hysterical.  She was one of the most genuine people I met up at school this past year and I'm sad that I won't have the opportunity to get to know her more.  She was the best, and will truly be missed.  Love ya Steph.  #SLUzers for life!!!

Mariah Dignan '16

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie last summer when my family hosted a summer send off for incoming first-year students in the area.  I really enjoyed chatting with her and mom, because they were both so kind and excited for Stephanie's time at SLU.  Although I never had the opportunity to get to know Steph well, she always greeted me with a huge smile whenever I ran into her on campus. I extend my deepest sympathies to her family and friends. May she rest in peace.

Amy Callahan '13

I didn't know Stephanie very well, but she was always so friendly. I hardly spent time in my dorm room or on campus really, but when I did, I would sometimes see her and no matter what, she would always say "hello" to me. Not many people do that, especially for a somewhat anti-social and zealous girl like me. I will miss her and I give my condolences to her family and friends. I wish I had gotten to know her better.

Emma '16

I just remember the first day I met you in the hall with Amanda.  I really didn't want to talk or go out that night and you convinced me to enjoy my weekend regardless.  I honestly would never forget the night I met one of the realest girls of our class.

Quevaughn Caruth '16

I was not very close to Steph--she was a friend of a friend.  But let me tell you, she was not the type of person who would leave a room without putting a smile on your face. Not many have that effortless talent.

Kristen Linder '14