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Memories of Garrett Gagne '15

I had Garrett in one of my RS classes--two years ago. He represented the best of the scholar athletes at our university. Friendly, personable, a hard worker. I really enjoyed getting to know him, and I am deeply saddened by his passing. I will always remember him fondly.
Mark W. MacWilliams

I looked up to and admired Garrett for his special and rare character. He had a gentleness and sense of humility to him that really was one of a kind.

Every single time that I saw Garrett, he brightened my day, always quick to share a warm smile and laugh. “Is he always this nice?” I asked my friend after meeting him for the first time. It is truly amazing that he actually was. I just couldn’t believe how such an impressive guy could be so humble and down to earth. I saw some girls at a lacrosse game this fall with a big sign that read “I WANT TO BE LIKE GAGNE” and I know that everyone at SLU wanted to be just like Garrett. I will forever miss him and do my best to honor him. My heart is broken for his family.
With love,
Will Kauppila '17

My deepest condolences go out to Garrett's family and friends.  He was my first-year advisee and he took subsequent classes with me; the most recent of these ended only a few weeks ago.  I'll remember him as a  hard-worker and someone who was well-liked by his peers.
Neil Forkey

As a fellow Laurentian, resident of Longmeadow and mother of three - I am so sorry about this tremendous loss.  My heart goes out to all of the friends and family of the Gagne's.
Kristin Seeley '93

This is such painful news. Most of my time in first year was spent in the Rebert lounge with Garret and other friends. I will always remember him for his unmatched courtesy and also for being such a genuine friend. My thoughts and prayers to the Gagne family.
Natalie Onyango '15

I didn't know Garrett and perhaps am intruding here. I am just so very very sorry and want you to know I  share your grief.  I have experienced sudden death of another and know the  profound pain. Please accept my deepest condolences and prayers for strength for all of you, his family and friends.
Susan Witherspoon

As an alumnus of and professor at SLU, and as a mother, my heart goes out to Garrett's family.

Julia Morris

One of the best teammates I have ever had. We miss you Garrett, RIP
Steve Cargill '12

As a fellow classmate and friend of Garrett's, this whole situation has been surreal and the entire SLU community is in complete utter shock and disbelief; we are all going to miss Garrett so much. With this being said, I am proud to be part of such a strong and caring community that comes together so quickly to remember someone so special - we truly belong to an incredible place that has the some of the most remarkable members, like Garrett. We will never forget you and your infectious smile that kept us going. While you may not be with us on campus anymore, your positive spirit will always be by our side, especially when we cross that stage in May to receive our diplomas; those will be dedicated to you. Rest easy, Garrett, and always remember that you'll be in our hearts forever and ever.
Nikki Rouleau '15

As a Laurentian, Longmeadow High School teacher and resident, my heart goes out to all of Garrett's family and friends.
Megan Felio Schwartz '96

I am a friend of Sue and Chris Gagne, Garrett's Mom and Dad, a St. Lawrence alumna, a Longmeadow resident and mother of two daughters, one who graduated from St. Lawrence and  both of whom attended high school with Garret. I write with profound sadness for the loss of a wonderful son, brother, friend and special young man. I also write with hope that Sue, Chris and Garrett's brothers will, in time, find a way to heal; that the qualities which made him special will encourage others to emulate him in their lives and that his passing will remind all of us to make choices that honor life as it is so very precious and fragile. May all who were close to him find solace in their grief and ultimately some peace. God Bless.
Fran Russo Cress '80

All of us on the Alumni Executive Council offer the Gagne family our profound sympathies and extend our arms to Garrett's classmates in this time of grief. Garrett was, by all accounts, a great Laurentian and he will be missed.
Ed Forbes '02, president of the Alumni Executive Council

Garrett was one of the first people I got to know at St. Lawrence my freshmen fall. He consistently held a positive attitude about everything and found a way to make everyone he was with smile. His close group of friends were always together and it was clear how much they looked up to him by the way they constantly called out "Gagne!" when he was around. He will leave an impact on all of us and he will never be forgotten. One of the most easygoing, kindhearted and genuine guys I have known. Rest in peace Garrett, the class of 2015 and all of the St. Lawrence community will carry you in out hearts and minds forever.
SM '15

It's hard to believe something so terrible can happen to such amazing person. During the early years in Longmeadow, you were always someone who I genuinely admired, from your athleticism to your all around personality, you truly were great guy. From scheming our way through Mrs. Jones' 8th Grade Algebra class, to nearly taking home the Little League title for the Longmeadow Blue Jays, my
memories of you are fond. Coming into St. Lawrence in the Fall of 2011, it had been almost five years since I had seen you, but you acted as though no time had passed. It was an absolute pleasure representing the Western Massachusetts area with you and I know both the St. Lawrence and Longmeadow communities will never be the same after losing such a tremendous individual.
Rest in peace Garrett, SLU '15
John Megas '15

We are all so deeply saddened and overwhelmed at the loss of our friend and teammate, but also blessed to have all been called his brothers. We will miss you.
Peter Carpenter '12

I owe Garrett and his parents a great deal of thanks for reconnecting me to St. Lawrence. When Garrett was applying to St Lawrence I had a long conversation with his father Chris about how fond I was of the school and how excited I was to know that one of the finest athletes the pioneer valley had seen in quite some time was ready to attend slu. I have wonderful memories of Garrett acting as the chauffeur for many talented and energetic Berkshire east ski racers who would pile out of a Gagne SUV Saturday and Sunday mornings getting ready for a day of training at the Beast. I remember watching Garrett playing in his last high school lacrosse game against my home town team South Hadley High School where his SLU teammate Luke Dilisio was on the other side of the field playing the same attack position for SHHS.

They've since been teammates for SLU lax for these past three years.

So many of us have been lucky enough to know this fine young man and his enthusiastic and supportive parents and brothers.

We will miss him terribly. We cannot fathom the pain and suffering his family is enduring at this time. We wish them strength to get through this time of mourning and loss of their son. Sue and Chris, be well and please know we are sending you our love from the bottom of our hearts. Godspeed to you and your sons Matt, Tyler and Kyle.