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Memories of Enzo Corigliano '22

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to know Enzo that well, but I’m really grateful for the few times I was able to meet him. I remember when he said hi to me the first time i was a bit surprised (but also flattered) because he said it like he’d known me for a while, and I hardly if ever met anyone like that. It was right before the Fall 2020 semester started and we were both hired to help students move into their dorms. I didn’t have the best summer, and I wasn’t feeling good about myself at the time, but I remember Enzo was one of the few people who made me feel like I mattered during a time when I felt like I didn’t exist. I had another brief encounter with him afterward and it was the same. I felt so much better just by the genuine and friendly way he greeted me. At the time, I underestimated the healing effect my encounters with him had on me, but I now genuinely feel that he may have been a big reason why I wasn’t scared to have conversations with the people I helped move. During the winter break, I was able to make a lot of friends and I credit that to the lasting positive impact he left on everyone he knew and loved. His passing may have been utterly heartbreaking, but it’s so beautiful that the impact he had on everyone he knew brought so many people together (and it allowed me and everyone who stayed on campus during the winter break to bond with each other), and that his kind and empathetic personality uplifted and inspired countless people. Because he gave so much love to others, the same people were able to give love and understand the importance of it. I truly believe his spirit continues to live on at SLU. Words can’t explain how cool I find his ability to make everyone he knows feel better about themselves. It’s so cool that he was kind and indiscriminately loving to everyone he encountered. Though I regret not getting to know him, I’m extremely grateful of the legacy he’s left on the SLU community.
Anonymous '23

Enzo was always a light. He always had the greatest laugh and beautiful smile. He never missed a moment to make someone around him happy. I had Public Speaking with him our Sophomore year and I remember one of his speeches describing traveling and how wonderful it is. After about 30 seconds he said that one of the places you should avoid going to is Paris. It certainly caught my attention as he continued to give us reasons about how Paris was the last place you would want to travel to. His creativity was endless and so fascinating to be around. He will be greatly missed, but I will forever be grateful to have known him for his short time here at St. Lawrence. Thank you, Enzo, for sharing your love.
Brianna Larrabee '22

Enzo and I only met last March right after being sent home. We instantly formed an unbreakable bond that I will cherish for the rest of my life. We always said we were friend soul mates, destined to be best friends. Enzo, you lit up my life brighter than I ever thought it could be. I miss you more and more everyday and I promise you I will make you proud and do everything you couldn't do. You told me about your family and your childhood in New Caledonia everyday and I will be on the first plane there as soon as it is safe my king!! My best friend, my lover, my king, you've left a hole in my life and I am honored to have had my heart broken by you. My sweet gentle boy I love you!!! I'm so sorry I never got the chance to tell you but I love you I love you I love you!! Thank you for showing me love and kindness when I needed it most. I love you mon roi.
Megan Novak '22

I had the honor to play on the squash team with Enzo and have him as one of my close friends. Enzo was the best person to be around at all times because of his contagious smile and genuine love for all his friends. He was always there to help me on the court or off and I will never forget that support. Enzo is an incredible person and will be missed immensely. He made everyone feel special and loved and that is such an incredible trait. We love and miss you, Zozo.
Gigi Green '22

I wish I had known Enzo better than I did. He was always kind to me and smiled at me whenever we saw each other.

I have taken some time to reflect over the last few weeks about Enzo's passing. Enzo was a great person and while I did not know him super well he was as many people stated always friendly and seen with a smile on his face. He worked for me this year during opening to help his peers move in during a very challenging time and he never once complained about the long days or the amount of lifting he had to do. In addition, he often participated in service work with his fellow Squash team members and was always willing to lend a hand to someone in need. He will be greatly missed. Thinking of his family, his friends and his teammates and sending them love and prayers.
Ashlee Downing-Duke, Student Activities and Leadership

As Enzo's roommate for the last year and half I have many memories with him. To share one or even a few memories in words here would not do justice to Enzo's being. He had a loving, inclusive presence about him that could only be felt. As long as we continue to live with this presence in our lives Enzo will always be with us and I believe this is the best way to show our love for him and heal from this tragedy. Fill everyday with love, peace, and freedom. For anyone reading this who does not experience these feelings in their life I encourage you to look for them as they are some of the most meaningful and fulfilling aspects of life.
Duke Kriksceonaitis '21

Zozo had the most genuine energy to him that brought out the best of people. I am so grateful to have served as his teammate. He was an amazing athlete, friend, teammate, and more. I will cherish our memories forever and I will miss you so much. May we meet again!
Alex Limas '21

After reading so many entries from all manners of the SLU community about OUR beloved Enzo, I felt compelled to write myself. I never had the privilege of meeting this remarkable young man, but the countless stories and descriptions of him make me feel like I knew him. I want to offer my condolences to his family and to all who were lucky enough to have crossed paths with him. As a hospice social worker for 17 years, I never came to terms with the fickleness of death. How was it that I could be honored to be at the bedside of someone who lived a full and long life and at other times be holding the hand of a child taking her last breath. Death comes at the end of life, but our length of life is not evenly distributed, can seem cruel and senseless at its worst, a spoken wish or blessing to those in their 90s, incomprehensible, and frequently harder on those left behind.
The aforementioned eulogies remind me of when my father died and various members of the community shared stories about him during his funeral service. I was comforted by all the kind words that were spoken about my father and appreciated hearing things about him that I never knew. I especially appreciated the stories that reflected the kind of remarkable person and professor he was. I hope Enzo's family and friends can also benefit from all these kind words, love, and support, and reflect on how many lives Enzo enriched.
It seems to me that Zozo may have been enrolled as a student while at SLU, but he clearly double majored in teaching given the profound impact he had on everyone's lives at SLU, from the bus drivers, to the professors, TAs, and most everyone he came in contact with, shouted to or danced around. Actually, it's more like he triple majored, if there is such a thing, in counseling as he held so many of you in the gentlest of ways, listening, supporting, encouraging you to see the best in humanity and what life has to offer with his effervescent personality and willingness to also show you his vulnerabilities at times.
Enzo came to SLU for an education, no doubt, and in the prime of his youth he left the campus and this life perhaps a more self-actualized person and mature man than the short years afforded him. I am not surprised he was accepted to SLU and feel comforted in knowing that his legacy is something his parents can take pride in. To his family- know that the SLU community is holding a mirror that can reflect the sunshine and light Enzo radiated and generate the warm hugs back like Zozo would have given. Thank you for sharing your remarkable child with us. May the passing of time lessen your pain and leave you only with cherished memories of your son.
Mayela Harris '87

Zozo was a character. From his badly dyed hair that would stick out from under his headband, the little head shake he would do to every song to his unrelenting, unassuming kindness that he was as generous with as his cigs, he would stick out from the crowd. I only got to know him this year but there was never a week where a didn't spend time with him (or a day near the end of the semester). I would always tell him I see him too much but now I realise it wasn't nearly enough. Enzo was a Good man. Capital g Good. He was so easy to love and made you feel like you were too. How do we get over someone like that? You asked me how to say friend in Urdu but I never got the chance to tell you it's dost. I speak truth in Urdu so dost means much more to me than friend. The word dost is heavy with expectations but you meet them. Habibi to the rest and dost to me, you are missed dearly Enzo. Thank you for everything. Ciao.
Mariam Waqar Khattak '23

As a graduate of St. Lawrence almost 60 years ago, and now a member of the Alumni Executive Council, I was very saddened to learn about the passing of Enzo Corigliano. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting him, after I read your accolades posted on this forum, I am impressed that Enzo epitomizes the essence of a St. Lawrence University student, and it explains the reason our school is the excellent, close knit university and learning institution that it is. Your tributes to Enzo remind me of a poem by Alvin Fine, which talks about life as being everlasting. Enzo's life with us, although far too short, is everlasting in your memories and with what he gave to you while you shared experiences together. Those memories are a part of your life and will always be with you.
I share your thoughts and prayers to Enzo's family, and my wife, Patty and I send our deepest sympathy to Enzo's family.
Paul A. Levi, Jr. '62

Over the last four years driving both the Men and Women I've come to know the kids playing. Enzo was an inspiration to both teams and was well liked and respected by everyone. I am saddened to learn of the loss to the Squash team and community as well as St. Lawrence University. RIP young man you won't go unforgotten.
Gary Wemette, Team Bus Driver

I remember the first time I met Zozo at Dana when he arrived on campus and was immediately lifted by his positivity and energy. Zozo was the kindest and always took an interest in everyone and making them feel wanted and comfortable. Rest in Paradise my brother.

Reading all of these memories makes me realize that Zozo is probably one of the most loved students to ever be at SLU. Zozo’s heart and smile were so big that it didn’t take a lot for him to leave a lasting impression on you.
Aran Thawani '20

I’ve known Zozo since his first semester at SLU, we instantly bonded over both being from the Pacific. We used to talk about visiting each other, and I still plan to do so. Zozo, I am so sorry that this is how it all ended. Your humor, your love, and your smile will never be forgotten. I’m so glad our last hug was extra long but I wish it could’ve lasted longer. I know you will be watching over us and I promise you that we will get through this together. Your spirit will live forever. Fly high Zozo.
Natalie Piper '22

Mon tendre ami Enzo, Je n’aurai jamais cru ni imaginer un jour que ce serait dans ces conditions que nous nous séparerons. Tu as été et demeure l’une de mes plus belles rencontres à l’université de St. Lawrence. Je me rappellerais toujours de tous ces bon moments que nous avons passé en la classe. Tu étais toujours notre petite carte de France et quand nous avions des problèmes techniques tu étais toujours celui à qui nous crions à l’aide. Zozo j’aimerais que tu saches que tu es et demeure une lumière dans nos vie. Dernièrement je faisais une prière et j’ai dit à Dieu : Seigneur je ne te demande pas grand chose pour cette fin d’année mais j’aimerais juste que tous ceux qui me tiennent à cœur puissent voir et vivre la nouvelle année car il y a tellement eu de pleurs pendant toute cette année 2020 mais aujourd’hui je me réveille avec une douleur aussi grande. Mon ami Enzo n’y est plus. Où vas-tu? Qui m’appellera encore Ivana? Ton sourire, ta joie de vivre, ta bonne humeur, tout me manque Enzo. Je prie Dieu qu’il te pardonne de tous tes péchés, qu’il dirige également ton âme vers sa lumière et que la terre de nos ancêtres te soit légère mon ami. Vas et et repose en paix. Dors zozo, je sais que tu es dans un endroit meilleur car ce monde ne te méritait pas. 
Ton amie,
Ivana Ntonga '22

Enzo was someone who was such a delight to be around. I appreciated the moments of getting to know him, especially during my sophomore year. Thankful for the light he brought to my life and to so many others on campus.
Molli Morris '21

Sending the Corigliano family my support across the miles in this very painful time. Thinking of you & your Enzo.
Sara Ashpole

The way in which I have observed Enzo care for my roommate is something I will forever be grateful for. His ability to brighten her day and everyone’s day for that matter is something I viewed as a true gift. The unique thing about college friendships is that you have an opportunity to be with “your people” from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep each night. I can honestly say that Enzo has seen me at my worst yet he never wavered in his patience or his keen ability to listen. Enzo possessed so much zest and spunk, I will always admire his ability to march to the beat of his own drum; from the edgy earrings that he wore to his quirky dance moves. My most vivid memory of Enzo is him walking into my dorm room with a pair of hair clippers in hand and him asking me to cut his hair, I can’t think of a better circumstance that demonstrates his carefree personality. He has taught me many things, but above all the importance of caring for the people whom you love. Enzo will always be in my heart and in my memories of my time at St. Lawrence.

There are too many to count and too many I hold dearly to my heart. My habibi Enzo was the kindest soul I’ve ever met. Even though I lost every match I played last season, ZoZo had 150% faith that I’d win every point. He truly was the best of the best. I have so many memories of sharing meals and other activities with my brother that it’s hard to pinpoint one. He was just my partner in crime, my brother, and my habibi. Love you ZoZo Rest In Peace❤️
Logan Thomas '23

I first met Enzo on the phone during an admissions interview. Slated to be a 15-minute language assessment, we ended up talking about 1.5 hours. He was eager to share his life, story, background, and was enthusiastic about all the possibilities. I was happy and energized by our conversation knowing he would be a good addition to SLU. Enzo was then in my class his first fall at SLU. He quickly connected with the other students as he brought energy into the room. He easily helped the discussion along whether talking about more serious issues or those that are light and funny. I could always count on him. Since then, I was always happy to run into him on campus and enjoyed hearing about his success. He will be sorely missed and I send peace and care to his friends and family.
Robin Rhodes

One of the best people I’ve been met. A pure soul and a loving one. His love has reached so many people and always made his friends happy. He brought joy to our hearts and I am forever grateful and proud to call him my brother.
Belal Nawar '20

Dearest, Enzo. It was precisely 2 am in the morning after Thanksgiving. We were playing cards against humanity. We got each other’s jokes and you said “we have the same sense of humor.” Before then, we were in a contest to see who could squat more, you obviously won!! I will never forget the happiness inside of me when I saw you in the gym the next week. I was seeing a friend. Enzo, your kindness and goodness of heart is something everyone should aspire to emulate. Although awfully too short, thank you for bringing joy to my life. Rise in Power!!!! Till we meet again.
Abigael Ajuma '21

As many have noted, Enzo's energy and smile had the ability to lift up all those around him. I met Enzo when he arrived as a new transfer student and he continued to be a student who would pop into my office with a question or an offer to help. The world is better for having had Enzo be a part of it and he will be truly missed. Holding his family and friends in my heart. Rest in Peace, Enzo.
Stacie Olney LaPierre

Enzo had a way of making you feel like you had known him forever. I feel lucky to have had a couple classes with him. He always made class more fun and more interesting for both the students and the teachers- and most importantly, he made everyone around him feel comfortable. I’ll never forget his positivity, kindness, sense of humor, joy, and laughter he brought to beginning acting with Josh Vink. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends, family, and the squash teams at SLU. Rest easy, Enzo.
Liddy DeConto '21

I never had the pleasure of meeting Enzo, but from all I’ve heard, he was an extraordinary young man. I am saddened that I never got the chance to know him. I do know that he was one of the biggest supporters of The Barista/ The Lounge, and even helped during the theme house interview processes. He will be missed by all of the past and current members of The Barista/The Lounge.
Brandon Calton '20

I met Enzo my sophomore year, his freshman year, through SLU athletics. The field hockey and the men’s squash teams were “brother-sister teams” on campus and we supported each other like family, with Enzo always being the most supportive family member. I loved watching him compete on the squash court. You could tell he had a real passion for the sport. Throughout our time on campus I got to know Enzo better and he was always my favorite person to see. His light and positive energy made my day every time I saw him, even if it was just in passing in the dining hall. He brought so much positivity to our campus. Even if he was across the room I would never pass up the opportunity to run over and scream ZoZo! and give him a huge hug, which was always greeted with a bright “Hello Sydney!!!”. Enzo was welcoming and compassionate and made everyone at St. Lawrence feel loved and appreciated. I truly can say that he was the happiest person on campus, maybe even the happiest person I had ever met. His smile was so contagious. He had such a positive and beautiful outlook on life that I always appreciated and tried to emulate. Enzo really changed my life, as well as many others throughout the campus and the world. The world and the St. Lawrence community will not be the same without him.
RIP Enzo
Sydney Giacin '21

I met Enzo during my Sophomore year through a mutual friend and knew right away that he was a special person and someone I was incredibly lucky to call a friend. He embodied the Laurentian spirit in so many ways and will be missed tremendously by so many. Enzo brought light into the lives of so many in our community through his truly charismatic personality.
Campus will truly not be the same without your infectious smile and positive energy Enzo. Rest in peace, we will all miss you so much❤️
Liv Murley '22

I had the pleasure of being Enzo’s TA in a public speaking class where I had the opportunity to attend a class with him twice a week and meet with him on multiple occasions throughout the semester. I specifically looked forward to meeting with Enzo as he brought a spark of energy to meetings, that most students dreaded, and always had cleverly humorous work to share. His motivation to learn, not only about public speaking, but about his peers inspired me like no other; he was the friendliest person I’d ever met. He never failed to ask how I was doing or what I did over the weekend; he cared about others and truly enjoyed their company. More importantly, I loved his company. In the morning when everyone was still half asleep, he brought an energetic smile and attitude to class that made me, and others, more engaged. Outside of the classroom, he ALWAYS said hi to me whether I was in line behind him at the pub or on the other side of the quad. He also got word that I could (sort of) speak French. Rather than make fun of my sub-par speaking skills, he maintained conversation with me in a playful matter, which always made us laugh, and helped me learn. Enzo never tried to be anyone else, and truly embraced his uniqueness while empowering others. I will always admire and remember his unique, joyful, humorous and one-of-a-kind personality and attitude towards life. RIP Enzo <3
Georgia Johnson '20

I miss you Enzo. I miss smoking J's w/ you (outdoors), I miss your hugs, I miss your accent and your charisma, I miss everything about you, I wish I could have more time with you! One memory I will never forget is when Enzo and I were chilling after class (as per usual) and he told me that he wasn't going to play in some squash tournament because he got into a yelling match with a coach on the other team and felt bad about it. This coach was the coach of the kid he was playing in the finals against the next day. I told him to play... obviously, and re assured him that he should play and let his play do the talking. I went to that match and I believe Enzo waxed that kid wicked hard. 3-0 in sets I believe. He walked off and all of us were watching him play. He has so many friends, I mean the man was an icon at SLU in the most unique and deserving way. He had a very thick mask on. A lot of us do (Young men especially for some reason). Yet with all of the things he was going through, he let his guard down for me, just that one time. Im mad at you Enzo... well, frustrated. Why? He was so loved and he loved everyone back even more. "Check on your friends." Im sorry, thats b***s***. Appreciate your friends, talk to them about important things, listen to your friends, cherish the moments that you make with them and strive to make more memories. The majority of people in the U.S. live to work, Enzo worked to live. What I mean by that is, Enzo lived every day with optimism and an amazingly charming attitude and was also very busy as a student athlete, but he made time for his friends. He made time for people that mattered to him and was someone you could count on 150% of the time. The amount of times he would show up to my room unannounced and I would just get so excited haha. Like ooh time for a seshhhhh with my guy. This man sat on the end my bed so many times and listened to me play guitar and we would talk for hours (w/Anika too of course.) That was more than enough. We were at peace in those moments. The ear to ear smile that was permanently placed on his face will never escape my memory. My heart is with his family and friends right now as we all mourn this tremendous loss. I know he touched a lot of people and although I am extremely saddened, his smile is what sticks with me the most. I think thats the way he would have wanted it too. RIP Enzo "Zozo" Corigliano.
Ben M. '22

I had the pleasure to first meet Enzo on my official visit as a recruit. After learning I was a recruit, he made a beeline for me to ask what I thought of SLU so far and to share his love and stories of the school. Immediately upon my arrival freshman year, I reconnected with Enzo. He was one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of getting to know. He was always down for a good conversation over a meal at the pub or even just a high-five in passing. I will forever miss him, but his impact on me and the St. Lawrence community will never be forgotten.
Nathan Turtledove '23

I had the pleasure of having Enzo in my class in the spring of ‘20 and he was such an energetic and bright young man. He was the type of person who looked to make positive connections with everyone around him and he was so full of life. I can remember him being thankful and generous in all our exchanges. He had this self-modesty when reflecting on what he regarded as excessive questions he asked me or extra emails he sent about assignments. To me, they were never too much and his humor about it all only made me laugh. What I will take away most from him was his kindness, which manifested in a ready smile and eagerness to take in fully the moments of his life, which he did with openness and creativity. What a loss for our SLU community and our world.
Joshua Vink, Adjunct Professor, PCA

I'd met Enzo a couple of times and didn't know him too well but that didn't matter; he would always greet me with the most enthusiastic smile and wave whenever he saw me, whether it was on our way to classes or the Pub. Whenever he would stop by to pick up a package at the SMC while I was working, he would always ask how I was doing and went out of his way to show his appreciation for me even though it was just a part of my job. It was the little things he did that made people feel appreciated and loved and even as someone who didn't have the opportunity to interact with him that often, I felt the impact of his energy and personality. My deepest condolences to his close friends, family, and teammates during this extremely difficult time.
Ibadat Javed '22

I didn't know you very well Enzo, but I never in all the times I saw you, had a bad interaction with you. You were very surface level in my life but your smile was so contagious, and whenever I think about you that smile is the first thing that comes to mind. Thanks for saying hi to me all those times, and checking up on me. You will be missed, dearly.
Anonymous (Class of 2022)

I met Enzo soon after he arrived on campus in January 2019 to help him choose courses for his first semester. I'll never forget his bright smile, nor his optimism--he lit up my little office that day. It was always a joy to meet with him to help him plan and to hear about how his classes, squash, and time with friends were going. His energy and enthusiasm helped brighten the days of so many of us on campus, and, like so many others, I will miss him.
Sarah Barber

Enzo warmly welcomed me back into the Saints Squash family as a coach in January. I will never forget his performance at the CSA Individual National Championships this past March and how proud I was of his 100% effort paired with his unique match play flair. It is an honour to have coached Enzo as he was an amazing person on and off the court. In my short return to St. Lawrence, I had received an incredible amount of messages from faculty and staff complimenting his work ethic, enthusiasm and joy in everything he was involved in on campus. A devastating loss to the St. Lawrence community and the global squash community. Enzo will always be a part of the Saints Squash family. Rest in peace Zozo ❤️
Emily Terry '17, '21

I had the privilege of coming to know Enzo in an entirely new dimension being his French tutee this semester. From our first meeting, I was stunned in admiration of him and his intoxicating energy. He radiated so much joy, passion and positivity; his light could never be dulled. Every time I’d text him with questions on homework or advice about life, he would easily think up the most profound response, exploding with love and praise, making me feel so empowered with every word while exploding with laughter. Zozo was a bright shining star, humble and selfless, who made every single person feel loved in the fullest sense, embraced for their differences, never alone. He was the blood pumping through the heart that is SLU, and I miss him so very much. I believe that energy never dies, it transcends, and I feel his light every time the sun shines a little brighter. I love you, Zozo. Thank you for changing our lives.
Eleanor LaRussa '22

We are all so lucky to have had Enzo light up the SLU community the way he did. Being so well loved and involved you will only ever hear good things about him. People will continue to share their found memories of this truly remarkable boy in the future. Praying for all who were impacted by this loss. Thank you, Enzo, you touched so many! We are forever grateful.
Maggie Green '22

I met Enzo at a Squash match in Boston. Although I had already graduated and did my own SLU Squash run, he introduced himself and welcomed like we had been friends for years. My memory of meeting Enzo is so vivid, he had such a positive and happy aurora about him that just made him feel like a rare one.
Cassie Christopher '17

Since meeting Enzo my first year through mutual friends to creating a special and meaningful bond these past months during the pandemic it was clear the minute I met him that he was someone special. He was kind and beautiful like no other and will be incredibly missed. There wasn’t one time he didn’t greet me with a huge hug and a smile. Wishing things could be so different but he will be in my and everyone’s hearts forever. Rest easy❤️
Claire Wergin '22

Words cannot express how much love Enzo poured over others. With an incredibly contagious smile and the ability to truly listen, he was a rare kindness that is impossible to forget. One of my last memories of Enzo was this followed by a huge smile: “Hi habibti .... do you know what that means? It means my darling.” I will always remember that bomb lamb curry and how many laughs we had after it. Rest easy friend. <3
Hannah Kenney '21

Although I never personally met Enzo, his energy and happiness were infectious. I never saw him without a smile on his face. He was one of those people who could brighten your day with just a smile. He never knew the impact he had on my life or the amount times he put a smile on my face.
Anonymous (Class of 2022)

I’ll always remember walking back to my room one night and seeing Enzo half skipping/dancing along the sidewalk with nobody but himself. He gave me a quick hug and continued on his way. I didn’t know Enzo very closely but I quickly picked up on his unrivaled positivity and huge smile and how much of an impression it made on me, and those around him. Enzo embodied the absolute best of SLU.
Myles Barrett '24

I had the pleasure to meet Enzo through two of my best friends on the Squash team during my final semester at St. Lawrence. They raved about his effervescent personality - how he lit up every room. While I only overlapped with Enzo one semester at SLU, I distinctly remember how much joy seeing Enzo would bring me. His smile, his genuine interest in getting to know you, and his glowing heart. Rest easy, Enzo. You shine with the brightest stars.
Kendal Smith '19

Enzo has truly made his impact on the SLU community and embodied a genuine and kind persona. He embodied what it meant to be a true Saint, he was always willing to help in any way he can, checking in on his friends, showing kindness every single day, and caring for everyone he met. Just through small interactions, Enzo showed that he cared for everyone and always wanted to share his big smile. Saints athletics is a family and we support each other through thick and thin. We, the Track & Field team, want to help support the Squash team through this difficult time in any way we can. We send love and our prayers to his teammates, coaches, friends, and family. Enzo you will be truly missed and we will make sure to continue sharing the amazing energy you brought to our community.
Women’s Track & Field

Enzo was one of the happiest people I had met at SLU. He became one of my very good friends and was always a bright spot in my day. I remember passing him on the street and he gave me one of the brightest hellos and asked how I was doing-- he would always check in on others, that's what was so wonderful about him. Enzo was such a kind soul to anyone he met, and that will stick with me forever. Much love to you Enzo, fly high.
Billie McClosky '24

Although I never really knew Enzo, he was always smiling and loved by everyone who knew him. I was a new freshman on the squash team and he made me feel included and always went out of his way to talk to me. He possessed all of the characters of a leader and a great friend. Rest easy, Enzo.
Margo Mancuso '24

Enzo had the talent of making anyone around him comfortable. If Enzo was smiling, you were smiling. I am honored to have known him and I wish him nothing but peace and happiness. An amazing person, he is our angel. Thank you Enzo.
Hannah Lubeck '22

When Enzo joined our team I was so excited to have another French speaker and we instantly hit it off. He was the kindest, most supportive friend and teammate. Someone who lit up the room and made the people around him smile. Enzo was kind, considerate and hilarious, and on top of that a gifted athlete. I know he touched so many people, and we are all so lucky to have known him. En effet, le malheur de l'avoir perdu ne doit pas nous faire oublier le bonheur de l'avoir connu.
Samantha Sambrook '20

I met Enzo recently for the first time and he immediately included me in whatever was happening. He was very kind and cheerful when he talked. He made sure that everyone was heard and listened too. Enzo, I may not have known you for a long time but it was a pleasure and you brought a light to the room. Rest easy my friend.
Ariel '21

I don't know where to start, but all I can say is Enzo was a phenomenal soul. I am so honored and grateful that I got to call him my friend these past few semesters. His kindness and warmth were unmatched. Living 2 floors above him this semester made it easier to see him more frequently, and every moment spent with him would fill me with so much joy. He always had a little dance he'd do when he'd see me walking up to him, and I wish more than ever I could witness it just one more time. He was suffering in silence, but still was always there for his friends (or anyone, really) and did everything he could to help. Zozo was selfless, hilarious, outstanding, and just a ray of sunshine. I wish I'd done more to be there for him. Je t'aime pour toujours, habibi. Until we meet again inshaallah❤️
Yusra Bourara '21

I have never, and quite possibly will never, meet someone with the same energy as Enzo. His smile was so contagious and it seemed like he was always wearing it. Whether it was when I saw him early hours of 6am or studying late night, Enzo always greeted me with the biggest smile and most enthusiastic hello. He had the ability to make anybody feel like somebody. I hope Enzo knows the impact he has had on everyone he has met, and I am thankful for the kindness, humor, and love he has shared. The St. Lawrence community grieves the loss of such an amazing human and my heart goes out to his close friends and family.
Maia Carpenter '22

To a beautiful human, a bright light in my life, you will be loved forever. Fly high.

Enzo’s passing is so devastating. I remember I was so excited to learn that we would have a new Francophone student at SLU. When I first met him he was sitting at the French Writing Center as a tutor and I offered him chocolate in French. He was super sweet and quickly engaged a conversation. Enzo ultimately took my position as the French lab TA and did a wonderful job. A genuinely kind person that I was so fortunate to have crossed paths with. Merci Enzo.
Tanner McCaskie '20

Getting to know you better this year has been an absolute privilege. Today, we’ve lost one of our very own, one of the sweetest and most caring people amongst our international community. I can’t believe we were hanging out in the Ihouse, and at Pub 56 just a few days ago and we’re grieving your loss today, I still can’t wrap my mind around it. We’re gonna miss you Zozo, your pure soul and bright smile will stay with us forever.
Jona Kerma '23

Yelling Enzo’s name across the pub and him stopping in his tracks, running over and hugging me, then going on with his day.
Tyler Schmalz '20

I will always remember Enzo for his kindness to me even when were just acquaintances and beyond. It is rare to meet someone like him who made you feel warm and just plain happy from such a small amicable interaction. He meant so much to our SLU community and brought a gentleness and spirit that cannot be replaced. Enzo deserves such gratitude for the impact he has made at SLU.
Gracie Baker '21

Enzo was in my Performing Poetry class. I wrote about him twice when asked to reflect on my favorite performance during the semester. He had performed Batter me, Three-Person'd God by John Donne and First Poem For You by Kim Addonizio, both poems very difficult but he delivered them beautifully. From him so sweetly letting me borrow his props for my performance to bumping into him randomly at the student center, all my interactions with him were of friendliness and warmth.
Even though I do know him as much as I had liked to, it is very clear to me that he is adored by many. And I assure you, he will not be forgotten.
Kam Omari '24

Enzo was the most caring and genuine person I have had the privilege to meet and I am so thankful to have gotten to call him my friend. His smile and attitude was so contagious and you couldn’t help but smile whenever he was around and he impacted everyone he came in contact with. The best part of my days were joking around with him at the squash courts. He was so loved and will be missed immensely.
Lindsay Whipple '21

Enzo, your love was contagious. Your smile would brighten up my day in a matter of seconds. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be in class with you last year. I would look forward to every moment we would spend together and treasured every laugh and conversation. I will keep your love with me forever and spread it to others just like you did. I love you Enzo and my thoughts and love are with your family and friends❤️
Grace Jackson '22

I didn’t actually know Enzo; however, the few interactions I had with him left an impact. I remember him coming to the climbing wall where I worked and having the time of his life. I chatted with him and helped him with the ropes. From that moment on, anytime I would see him he would smile and say hi, despite not even knowing my name. His energy was unlike anyone I’ve ever met: absolutely contagious and joyful. He will be missed.
Raina '21

I was fortunate enough to have a class with Enzo last year. His bright smile and pure care for all his peers always made my mornings better. His seemingly effortless ability to leave a positive impact on everyone he encounters is inspiring. Enzo is the epitome of what life is all about. Rest easy Enzo, words can’t describe all that you gave to each one of us in the SLU community.
Kylie Murphy '21

I just will always remember his contagious smile and how much he always made me laugh and smile. He was the kindest soul that I have ever met. Always wanting the best for everyone and especially his friends.

The first time I met Enzo was in the spring of my freshman year. We ran into each other in the hallway, and I remember him asking, on that first meeting, if I wanted to be friends with him. And we were. Every time I saw him after that, he greeted me like I was family. He made me feel welcome whenever he was present. If he was sitting outside at 48 park, which he so often was, he would always smile at me when I’d come in from a bike ride. Enzo was one of those people that made you feel like a dear friend even if you didn’t know him very well; he brought joy to everyone around him, lit up every space he was in. I can’t believe he’s gone. Rest easy my friend, we all love you and we always will.
Jillian Zick '22

Enzo always had a smile on face that seemed contagious, anyone who knew him knows this. I was lucky enough to be in a class with him last spring where we he’d walk in every day with a smile, almost guaranteeing to make everyone else’s day a little bit better. I think this news hits the SLU community so hard, because he was such a bright light and shared that light with everyone he came in contact with. The smiles he put on people’s faces and the memories he made at SLU won’t be forgotten.
Colin Redmond '22

As a new staff member at the University, Enzo was one of the first students I got to meet. This fall he helped so many of our students arrive to campus and get their belongings to their rooms when parents could not enter. Hearing so many memories of Enzo, this feels rather symbolic. Not that Enzo substituted for family, but that he found a way to make others parts of his own in a matter of seconds. That day, Enzo took the time to share his own story with me - about Squash, New Caledonia and more. Two things stuck out: 1) the way he used squash and so many other aspects of his life to create joy and community for others; and 2) the way he made me feel trusted and appreciated in that moment. For Enzo, a student I had never met and could likely never see again, to spend time making me feel comfortable is a moment that I cherished this entire semester. I can only hope that he knew how deep of an impact that single conversation had. I am sending love and support to the world and our community in the way that I know Enzo would be.
Sean Collins

I am so sorry to learn of Enzo's passing. I got to know Enzo well in our work together in the Peer Tutoring Program over the past year and a half. I fondly remember, and will deeply miss, his warmth, good sense of humor, big smile, and generous connection with everyone around him. He brought natural talent to his work as a tutor, but even more so he demonstrated a strong personal commitment to each of his tutees, a passion for his subject matter and his teaching, and a innate sense of dedication to keep developing his craft. He was thorough, creative, energetic, and kind in his work with his fellow students. Many people asked me to work specifically with Enzo, and in almost all cases it led to a long series of helpful and informative conversations. His work helped people learn and love French. He was a friend to so many around him on campus, myself very much included, and I will miss him a lot.
Matt McCluskey

I met Enzo his freshman year at SLU. He always had the biggest smile on his face and always went out of his way to make sure everyone around him was doing okay. Thank you for being genuine and kind and caring for those around you. Thank you for teaching me how to smile even when things were tough. Thank you for always checking in on me and thank you for making my last few days on campus memorable. I’m blessed to have known you and I’m will hold on to our memories forever. You were one of the brightest lights on this planet. Rest easy Zozo ❤️ I love you.
Sunehra Malhotra '20

Enzo was the type of person that I think everyone would get excited to see. A genuine and selfless soul that would always be the first one to check in on others and lift up those around him. His energy was so contagious and I always looked forward to his very loud greetings. Our memories of you will be in our hearts forever. Such a kind-hearted person that will be forever missed and cherished by so many. Rest easy Enzoo❤️
Jaimie Rainville '22

I just had the chance to talk with Enzo once or twice, but I always remember the first time I talked to him -- he made me laugh, and he was so cheerful everytime I saw him. His personality shines through his action. Rest in Peace Enzo, you will be missed.
Linh Do '21

We professors dream of having a student like Enzo in our classes. He illuminated the two classes he took with me. Alert, engaged, thoughtful, with just a twist of sly humor, anytime he spoke the energy level in the room rose. I appreciated too his generosity, his warmth, and his patience with others not as proficient in French as he was. Native-speakers often intimidate others in language classes, but he never once did an eye-roll, and always complimented his classmates on the quality of their French. I knew Enzo well, and was looking forward to getting to know him better. We'll have time after this shroud lifts, I told myself ... Of all the dark mornings this year, this one is the darkest.
Roy Caldwell, Professor of French

I remember tutoring Enzo at the WORD Studio. He was one of my favorites to work with. He had these very interesting ideas and his writing—not always perfect— but always so beautiful. He had this very bright light shining from his soul. A warm and energetic heart. He will be missed dearly.
Evelyn '22

Enzo was genuine and real at all moments. I envied the way his happy demeanor attracted people to him and he was a true leader on campus. I will miss him and I send my deepest condolences to those who knew him well. Look out for those who look the most happy. ❤️
Drew Childs '21

Enzo was one of the most genuine, kindest friends I came to know at SLU. He always made sure others we’re good too, and made sure to include all in whatever we were doing. I’m going to miss our conversations and learning about his life as we grew to become good friends, going to miss the good times and good vibes, going to miss him coming over for dinner and fires at 48. Enzo really became apart of my SLU family especially this past semester, it hurts to know your gone brother, may you Rest In Peace, I will always hold our memories close. Until we meet again, fly high Mr. Enzo I love you brother.
Cooper Smith '21

The first time I met Enzo was on his first day at SLU. Immediately after that brief encounter, the next day he ran up to me in Dana and gave me a warm hug. That was just who he was- he remembered everyone he encountered and did not shy away from sharing his warmth with them. Since that Dana hug, he brought light into my life almost every day. His presence made me feel like I found a home away from home. He never failed to make me laugh and feel loved. I love you Enzo. Words cannot describe the sadness I am feeling. I hope you are at peace. You will be missed by every single person that ever crossed paths with you.
Evgenija Stankoska '22

Enzo was such a positive light in all his friends’ lives. He never failed to brighten a room with his contagious laugh, smile, and energy. Although we only overlapped on the squash team for one semester, it felt like we had known each other for a lifetime.

Zozo, I am so honored to have known you. You were so much more than a teammate; you were a friend and most importantly, family. Thanks for making such a lasting impact on the Saints Squash Community. I love you, Zozo. Keep smiling and rest easy ❤️
Abi Smith '19

Enzo was always a smile and happy face in the Pub. We would talk every day about how things were going in our lives and about sports especially the NBA. Enzo was definitely a friend I always looked forward to seeing when I came into work each day. My deepest condolences go out to Enzo's family and all who knew him. I'm heartbroken. R.I.P Enzo. You will be deeply missed.
Sean Pearson

I’m honored to have had the privilege of being Enzo's teammate my senior year at St.Lawrence. Both on and off the squash court, Enzo carried an infectious and palpable energy with him that I will always remember fondly. It’s hard to put into words what a great teammate and friend he was, but he has left a lasting impact on our Saints squash community. Although this is an individual sport, you are never alone, you are family. Thanks for being my French speaking buddy zozo, Je t’aime toujours, ton sourire vont manquer ❤️
Lizzy Lasusa '19

One of the friendliest people you’d ever encounter. He always found the time to listen to what you had to say. He also gave the best hugs. St. Lawrence won’t be the same without him. We love you, Zozo.
Nicholas Menghini '20 

Enzo’s nearly constant smile was accompanied by a rare warmth. It was clear that he wanted to make others feel good about themselves, and he had a way of making somebody feel uplifted after even the shortest of conversations. Rest easy, my thoughts go out to all those who were close with him ❤️
Brendan '20

Enzo and I had Poetry together with Randy Hill this last semester. Because it was one of the only in-person classes many of us had, we all got close with each other. Enzo was such a bright light of positivity and lended a helping hand and advice towards others. He was eager to learn more from his professors and peers.
My heart aches at this news. Sending all my love to his friends and family — we’ll miss you Enzo.
Reiley Burwell '21

Enzo was a student in my Environmental Geology class last spring. Although not a geology major, he seemed to enjoy the class and through a class assignment, he and I, learned about the geology and nickel resources of the country of his birth, New Caledonia. Enzo was well liked and a friendly and thoughtful young man, quick with a smile and a thoughtful greeting. I really enjoyed getting to know him and talking about squash and New Caledonia. My heartfelt wishes go out to his family and friends on campus and afar. He will be missed on campus and off.
Jeff Chiarenzelli '81

Enzo was the kindest soul. Always generous with a smile, a warm greeting, or words of encouragement. He asked big questions because he wanted to learn. He asked for clarifications without embarrassment. He was hungry for knowledge and understanding. My heart goes out to his family and friends. My heart aches for their loss. May his smile grace the heavens and the stars.
Jennifer Thomas, Associate Professor, PCA

My friend I love you with all my heart. I just want to say thanks for everything my angel.
Maria Fernanda Diaz '22

Enzo had the unique ability to light up any room he was in. A vibrant and giving soul who would never fail to make you laugh and feel a little better if you were down. He was jokingly carefree but also unbelievably caring. I only wish I'd known you sooner. Rest in peace Zozo. Love you brother.
Derek '19

Enzo, I remember the first time we met in the basement of Gaines freshman year. We connected immediately after learning we had been in the same place at the same time when we were younger. You were truly a light always smiling, always laughing. A true honest soul and a good friend to all. You will be greatly missed. Your enthusiasm and vital spirit will continue to support us, and our memory of you will brighten our days. Rest peacefully Enzo, we will meet again.
Maria Carter '22

I love you Zo. Every memory with you I have is full of joy and laughter. I’m so thankful for every moment spent with you. Fly high brother.
Eddie Miller '15

Enzo was one of a kind. He had the purest, kindest, most joyful soul that would make anyone feel special. So many memories are coming to mind, but I’ll never forget his happy birthday wish to me this semester. He screamed happy birthday so loud with the biggest smile the whole campus could hear. Along with the birthday wish came one of his warm and gentle hugs, followed by “sorry it was late, I had to see you in person because that’s not something you can send in a text.”
My heart is with the St. Lawrence campus, his squash team, and family. Rest easy my friend.
Tianna '21

It is hard to put into words how much of an impact Enzo had on the SLU community. Since the first day I met him I don't think I ever saw him without a smile on his face. He was a constant beacon of happiness and laughter, and always willing to help others. SLU won't be the same without you Zozo. Rest easy my friend ❤️
William Waller '22

A loving soul. Someone who I considered part of my family and a brother. Never failed to make those around him smile. I lll forever miss you brother❤️❤️
Belal Nawar '20

We arrived on the same day on campus in January 2019. Enzo impressed me since day one with his working morale on and off the court. His matches were always fun to watch and especially, I remember those two CSA individuals in Rhode Island and Philadephia where we were travelling together. He was always cracking jokes to make us laugh and helping everyone within his abilities.
Rest in peace Enzo, both teams will miss you so much.
Sanna Koivumäki '22

I met Enzo only once in my life - when he came to declare his PCA major to my office - but I will never, never forget our brief encounter. It was like some being from a different universe touched my life. The essence of goodness, a bundle of joy. I imagine that it is people like him who are the true salt of the earth. I am very saddened by this news and I pray for his family and his loved ones, he must be missed by many who had the honor and privilege to get to know him.
Juraj Kittler, PCA & English Departments

No matter the time of day, Enzo was always smiling and saying hello whether he knew you or not. We had a class or two together and he always lit up the room. He was such an approachable and sweet person. You will truly be missed. Rest easy ❤️
Stephanie Voge '22

I was Enzo’s first student when he was a TA, every session was full of laughter and never boring. Since then our friendship has skyrocketed, he was so free-willing and kind, no one could say a bad thing about him. He was the baddest, realist and will always be goated! I loved the way he use to say my name with his French accent, always made me feel so warm, his smile filled me with so much joy. I worked at the Fitness Center and he’d always walk with me since he had morning lift. He loved the songs I used to play so he ended up being the reason why I woke up every early morning, to be his lit ass DJ. His pureness is untouchable and will always live on ❤️❤️ I love you Zozo
Aminata Sillah '21

Anyone who came into contact with Zozo was instantly touched by his radiant energy and kindness. From giving me Squash lessons to grabbing food in the pub and dancing at formals, our memories will always have a special place in my heart. I’m not too sure what SLU will be like without your contagious smile and laugh. Every time we parted ways after spending time together, we always said “Bonne nuit”. So until I see you again, bonne nuit to the sweetest person. Thank you for everything.❤️
Grace Smith '22

I can’t even remember the first time that I met Enzo because all I remember is him. All I remember is his kind voice and his kind smile. All I remember is his cheerful attitude, that made you want to be happy yourself. He was a fellow TA, a friend, and someone I was only beginning to get to know. He deserves all the love. Rest In Peace, you deserve it.
Bret Lunder '22

"I am not from France, I am from a tiny island called New Caledonia not even France knows about us" "Everyone thinks I am the French kid but man I am not from France" you said, and all the table bursted into laugh. I was feeling down, but you managed to put my mood up. A spirit that would brighten anyone's day. Suddenly I found myself enjoying debates about which fries on campus were better, and if we rather to be in hot or cold weather. You said you preferred the sun and Pub 56's. Then you bought beer for some of us and continued talking. You were excited about getting to spend time with the international family. You said you will cook for Christmas dinner. Later that night you told me you were glad you got to know me better and you will be there when I came back. You will not be. My heart lies broken in what could have been the future. You were the loudest laugh in the room, the more sincere smile. We will miss you. We will miss you so much.
Sofi Ayala '22

Enzo was in my public speaking class during my very first semester at SLU. He had this way of lighting up any room he was in, and through his words and speeches you could instantly tell the type of person he was. Even though I didn't know him very well, he would always take the time to say hello to me when I walked past him. Enzo radiated a friendly and welcoming energy to all. He will be so missed.
Sammie Gaul '23

It’s rare that someone has a light like Enzo. Even if he didn’t know you well, he went above and beyond to make you feel welcome, seen, and appreciated. A truly special soul that will be incredibly missed.

It took a massive chunk out of my heart to put words to such a devastation. Memories. . . Are. . . Everlasting. . . Enzo was more than just a dear friend to me, he was a friend to everyone whether you knew him or not. With that, I’d like to share a quick stanza:

Friends could have your back even when you’re facing the other way.

Friends could forgive you when you’re too neglectful to do the same.

Friends could hurt for you when you’re too numb to feel the pain.

Enzo, you deeply impacted us all in some way and for that you will remain in our hearts every single day.

Love You ZoZo ❤️ The Purest Souls Live On
Ethan Gibel '21

Enzo was the incredibly rare type of human being that made you feel valued and cared about every time he spoke to you. If you only spoke to Enzo a few times each semester, he made it seem like you spoke every day. Enzo would ask with genuine interest about your life, classes, and friends. Enzo exemplified to his core what it means to be a St. Lawrence student- to be kind, to care about others, and to help your fellow students in need. He was the best we had.
MT '22

I don’t remember seeing Enzo without a smile on his face since the day I met him freshman year. Enzo would shout from across a room and sprint into a hug if he recognized you, and it’s going to hurt not to experience that again. Hope everyone who knew Enzo will keep that kind of indiscriminate love for each other alive in his memory. Rest easy my friend, hope we meet again someday.
Eric Liddell '22

If there is anyone that truly encompasses what it means to be a human ray of sunshine, it was Enzo. He was a beautiful soul and a gift to our campus and this world. Anyone who knew Enzo could tell you he was fiery and passionate and also so sweet and kind. The lives he touched will not be the same without him. My heart grieves with his friends and family. St. Lawrence is incomplete without his presence. Rest easy Enzo.
Tess Maxam '22

Enzo was the nicest person I've ever met. He would say hello to me way before I even knew who he was and he made a point to say hello early in the mornings when we would run into each other when he was out for a jog. He even offered to give me healthy snacks when I said that I was sad about my health. He was supportive, kind, and never failed to smile and entertain anyone in the room. He danced and was a joy to be around. Now the universe has gained another pure soul.
Lewinski Lopez '21

Enzo was the first person to greet me when I arrived at SLU this fall. After a summer of spending countless hours on facetime, we were reunited. I could see his smile through his mask as he ran to give me a hug and with the same eager energy quickly sprang into action to help me carry all my stuff to my room on the second floor of Dean. Enzo was the person I’d call whenever I was sad, he understood me the best. We shared many precious moments together, whether it was walking back to campus from the Bagelry in the pouring rain or sitting in the student center talking about what’s right (or wrong) in our lives at that moment. He was one of the kindest souls and had a presence that would light up any room he entered. My heart aches for his family and all of his other friends. We lost one of the best today. Enzo, I love you with my whole heart and I miss you so much already. Until we meet again my sweet sweet friend. <3
Julia Sirois '23

Enzo, you are the light of my life. From the first moment I met you until the end. You taught me that genuinely pure people do exist in this world. Every moment with you was a blessing, even when we would sit in silence. I will always remember you full of life and joy. The day I met you in ESL I knew you were going to be important in my life. We’ve been besties ever since then baby. I wish I could hug you one more time, but light it up in Heaven baby because I know you’re there.
Anika Krasniqi '22

There was never a day where he did not smile. When it came to squash he was committed to it. His game speaks for it. I played him a few times because he was the best, and covid-19 messed everything up. I wish we had the opportunity to play one more time on the court.
Khan '23 

Enzo was such a great person and always so willing to help with anything and everything. He was my French tutor/TA this year and I had also taken a public speaking class with him and he was always so motivated and engaged all the time. My heart breaks with the news and I am sending all of my prayers to his friends and family through these challenging times. Having just lost my father, I know how challenging this time may be so I send you so much strength and lots of love. Enzo was an amazing human being inside and out and he will forever be in my heart. ❤️
Jordan Bernier '22

Enzo was one of the friendliest people I’ve met. He always stopped to say hello and ask how I was doing. He was such a nice friend and classmate. We had some great times hanging out on our floor freshman year. Enzo brought a smile to my face each time we spoke.
Margaret Denner '22

The first time I met Enzo, he took mine and a friends’ hands and kissed them both. He was just joking around, but it was a moment I will never forget. His energy was so lively and radiant it spread to everyone in the room. His positivity and charisma made each and every individual around him feel a little more special, no matter how well you knew him.
Charlie Bolling '24 

I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Enzo and I am heartbroken for his friends and family. Unfortunately, I know what it’s like to lose a teammate and friend, it’s something you will carry with you for the rest of your life. And that’s the beautiful thing about it - Enzo will always be with you in memories. The pain will always be there but I hope that anyone feeling lost without Enzo can smile looking back at their time together, and remember that though he is gone too soon, Enzo left a mark on many. Sending love and hugs to my Laurentian family.

Enzo was so kind and invited me in to his family unit for the spring. He has a big heart. Fun memories in Sykes.
Mary '21 

I didn’t know Enzo on a personal level but he actually helped me carry all of my stuff up four floors into my room this past fall semester when I was moving in. He was such an energetic person and loved to help. He was very helpful and I know he will be incredibly missed by many.
Schuyler Chamberlain '23

Watching Enzo on the squash court was to watch determination personified. He wasn't the biggest, and he didn't hit the ball the hardest, but I don't think I've ever seen someone track the ball like Enzo did. He continually frustrated his opponents, who thought they had won a point, only to have Enzo get into the corner and keep the point going. He exhausted his opponents; he made sure they earned every point. I'll never forget his relentless effort and his quiet, unassuming style on the court. My heart goes out to Scott, Emily, and all the members of the St. Lawrence squash family.
Aaron Todd '00

Enzo was one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. Every time I saw him he boosted my mood. As I’m writing this I’m tearing up because he was such a good person and genuinely caring and empathetic about others which is so rare. He will be missed and I love you Enzo. Fly high king.
Muhammad Johnson '21 

Enzo was a kind heart. I remember last year I was struggling in my personal life, Enzo reached out not only to check up on me, but to actually make me laugh. He always said hi to me, asked about me, cared about me. He always had a smile whenever I saw him and I always knew I had a friend in him. I have not just lost a friend, I have lost a brother. Rest In Peace Enzo, you are forever loved.
Shedrack M. Bogonko '22

Enzo was my French TA for our French 1 lab in the spring of 2020. Even though we didn’t get the full semester, the few sessions we had were always interesting and entertaining. He was a good classmate and friend. 
Lucy Pike '22

Enzo was always a smiling face on campus. I remember the first time meeting him he immediately came out into the hallway ready to greet and get to know everyone. He will be missed. 
Keerah McCratic '21 

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