In Memory: Michael Linderman | St. Lawrence University President's Office

In Memory: Michael Linderman

To:  The St. Lawrence and Canton Communities

From:  William L. Fox, President

In Memoriam:  Michael Linderman

With profound sadness, I share with you the news that Michael Linderman was killed in a car accident on Thursday afternoon in Canton, New York. 

Mr. Linderman, 60, of Ogdensburg, New York, was auditing a course under St. Lawrence’s Area Resident Auditing program. While he was not a student in the traditional sense, we still consider him a member of our Laurentian Community.

Mr. Linderman, originally from Ottawa, owned a company called NorConnect. He had worked with faculty at St. Lawrence University to develop a method to convert electrical signals in muscles into handwriting, a method that would have been used as an intervention in Parkinson's disease. He and his company received both a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research award in 2013 and a Michael J. Fox Foundation award in 2014 for further development of his instruments.

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We must, of course, give our best and most loving thoughts to Mr. Linderman’s family and friends in a day of such sudden deep grief.