Market Research Communications - September, 2010

Although I was traveling last week, I’ve heard reports that over 175 people attended the two sessions we offered with Jim Day and Kevin Menk, our market research principals associated with Hardwick Day/Strategic Resource Partners.  Thank you all for taking time to learn about these important results that will serve as the foundation of discussion by members of the Recession Response –Phase 2 (RRP2) task group and the Institutional Strategy and Assessment Committee (ISAC), and within administrative offices throughout the University, just to mention a few.

Certainly the schedules of many interested faculty and staff did not coincide with the one-day availability of our consultants.  I want all members of the University community to feel well informed, even as we balance the need to provide context for the information we learned.  I offer three additional ways for you to learn more.

First, we have created an outline of the key findings and implications of the written research report, and have posted this to the Web. (SLU log-in credentials needed.)

Next, we have placed two copies of the narrative report on reserve in the Owen D. Young Library for members of the University community.

Finally, I’ve asked Lisa Cania, who served as a project coordinator, to schedule one or two more information sessions if there is interest.  Lisa can provide the background and context for the presentation that our consultants gave to us and share its context in a seminar format. Please contact Lisa directly for plans.

Many thanks for your involvement with this work.