Change of Plans for December 27-29, 2010


To:                   St. Lawrence Community Members
From:              William L. Fox, President
Date:               December 14, 2010
Subject:          Change in Plans for December 27-28-29

In recognition of the good faith effort shown by so many at St. Lawrence to make careful use of our resources, and after discussions with senior staff, following by discussions with the unions representing our bargaining unit staff, I will adjust plans for the three days December 27-28-29, 2010. 

The University will remain closed those days for planned energy savings.  However, hourly staff who last year had these three days (or some portion of them) as paid days, as well as administrative staff, will be given pay for half of that time (determined on the same basis as used last year) and will not need to count that paid time against vacation banks. The remainder of that time will continue to be taken as vacation or unpaid time off.

Best wishes.