Assisting SUNY Canton


St. Lawrence Community Members:

As you know, our neighbors at SUNY Canton experienced a serious fire in one of their science buildings on February 10. I am very pleased to announce that arrangements have been made for affected SUNY Canton students to continue their academic work through the use of some labs and facilities at St. Lawrence.

Three labs on the third floor of Bewkes, no longer in use by our faculty and students, will be used by chemistry and biology classes from SUNY Canton. Students and faculty will have bus transportation to and from campus, provided by SUNY Canton. We will prepare the spaces to be used, including cleaning and restoring all life safety systems necessary for lab work.

SUNY Canton classes are scheduled to begin meeting here on March 5, but the preparations for use of the labs will begin prior to that. SUNY Canton will use the labs through this semester and perhaps longer, depending upon how quickly testing and repairs can be completed to their facilities.

I am very proud of the faculty and staff of St. Lawrence for their generosity, initiative and overall willingness to help our academic neighbor. I know you will join them in welcoming our SUNY Canton colleagues to campus.

Bill Fox