April 2013 Monthly Update

April Monthly Update for Campus
William L. Fox

New Residence Hall:  Construction is scheduled to begin this week. Workers will install a 6-foot, chain-link construction fence around the site, incorporating the grass and sidewalks on the western side of the Noble Center, the adjacent road and parking lot, and about half of the lower section of the Quad. The other half of the Quad will remain open and available for campus activities throughout the project, expected to be completed by fall 2014. A temporary wall outside the Noble Center is being used to test siding materials.

Most construction activity is expected to occur between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays.  A walkway between the site and the Noble Center will remain open, but those entering the building should do so through the north entrances along Romoda Drive, the Griffiths Arts Center entrance, or the south entrance near Whitman Hall. Access to the road between Noble and the Quad will be limited to construction vehicles only.

The University is working with the contractor to minimize disruptions, particularly during exam times.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation. Please visit www.stlawu.edu/newreshall for more information and updates.

New Business Major:  On April 16th, the faculty passed a new major – Business in the Liberal Arts, and the University has forwarded the proposal to the State for approval.  The preamble to the proposal summarizes our goals, as well as the requirements for the major that has the unique characteristic that it must be paired with another major: “Successful business leaders may come from any disciplinary background and are often people who can see across disciplinary lines.  Preparation for business leadership does not depend on a specific course of study, but is instead the product of the individual’s ability to think critically, present evidence effectively, and have a depth of knowledge in at least one area of the liberal arts.  Therefore, business is not viewed as a stand-alone major, but must be paired with another major offered at St. Lawrence that capitalizes on the individual’s strengths and interests. Additionally, Business in the Liberal Arts majors must complete seven core courses [from Economics, Statistics, and Philosophy], an experiential learning component, and four electives from the categories [Social Responsibility, Global Citizenship, Analytic Thinking, and Social Contexts].  Ideally, these electives will also satisfy requirements in the student’s paired major and/or general education requirements.” 

Admissions: We have held three open houses for admitted students.  Through Friday, April 19 we have received 339 deposits, slightly less than last year when we enrolled 644 students and slightly more than the year before when we enrolled 647.  May 1 is the deadline for postmark of deposits.

Communications: Athletics and University Communications are completing work on the "spirit (athletics/alumni) brand" and plan a campus preview in early May. The new/refreshed logos will be rolled out officially at the beginning of the fall semester. Also, Communications and IT are working closely with department content managers to finish work on the University website redesign, which will be ready to launch before the end of this semester.

Advancement:  As of April 15, we have received $7.3 million in cash gifts.    The St. Lawrence Fund, which has raised $4,101,856 in cash and pledges, is up 1%.  Of this amount, we have received $3,059,581 in cash, up 8% over last year.  Fundraising for the new Residence Hall remains our top capital priority, with$4.3 million in commitments.   Our first Residence Hall “Dinner and Dialogue” with alumni, parent, and friend leaders is in Boston April 30.

SLU Made March Count!  528 young alumni from the classes of 2003-2012 made gifts to St. Lawrence, placing St. Lawrence first in the competition with peer colleges Hobart & William Smith, Skidmore, and Union.  Combined, over 1,500 young alumni supported their alma maters in March.

University Advancement has initiated a new liaison program; every member of the division’s administrative staff will serve as a liaison to another division and/or academic department on campus.  This program recognizes the important connections that faculty and staff across campus have with alumni, parents, and friends and offer an opportunity for the campus to learn more about the work of University Advancement.

North Country Symposium:  The 11th annual North Country Symposium drew about 150 regional leaders in conversation about education and economic development.  The Symposium web site will soon post videos and powerpoint presentations of the keynote speeches. 

Libraries and Information Technology:  All members of the SLU community now must reset their network password at least annually.  The date that any individual must do this hinges on the one year anniversary of the last time he or she completed this process.  Contact the IT HelpDesk at (315) 229-5770 or helpdesk@stlawu.edu should you have any questions.  The transition of our web learning management system from Angel to Sakai is almost complete.  Angel will no longer be accessible after June 15, 2013.  If you still have materials in Angel that you need access to please contact IT at (315) 229-5770 or helpdesk@stlawu.edu for assistance.