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Student Bios

Alexandra Wagner '19
Major(s): Physics and Mathematics

I came to St. Lawrence intending to pursue our 3-2 Engineering Program, and I am still very much looking forward to following that dream! After building a strong liberal arts background here at St...

Riley Greene '18
Major(s): Physics and Math
Minor(s): 3+2 Engineering Program

Coming to the east has been a big transition for me but I love St. Lawrence and the community that I have found here more than anything. My St. Lawrence experience has been filled to the brim with...

Xiaoying Claire Lu '16
Major(s): Physics and Mathematics

I came to SLU hoping to be a journalist, then an engineer. As a requirement, I took University Physics in my freshmen year and Modern Physics in sophomore year. However, the material in Modern...

Evan Smith '16
Major(s): Physics and Mathematics

I started my Physics major in my Sophomore year and got involved in the Undergraduate Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Team (ALFALFA) project in the winter of Junior year, an astronomy consortium...