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Xiaoying Claire Lu

Xiaoying Claire Lu '16
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Physics and Mathematics
Beijing, China
Mantra Meditation, Hiking and Reading. Recently fell in love with the game GO (one of the most meditative games ever).

I came to SLU hoping to be a journalist, then an engineer. As a requirement, I took University Physics in my freshmen year and Modern Physics in sophomore year. However, the material in Modern Physics kindled my interest in physics, especially because of the philosophical implication behind the theories and the connection with my personal interests in Buddhism. The class I enjoyed the most in Physics Department is Quantum Mechanics, even though I still don’t understand it. Another class I enjoyed equally is Theory of Computation from Department of Mathematics/Computer Science, since it gave me the glimpse of the foundation of computation and started my interest in quantum computing. A surprise from my four year education at SLU is that I get to do machining for my SYE in physics: using the milling machine, sanding disc and taking apart transformers. It was a wonderful experience in terms of learning as well as working out. I am hoping to get a terminal degree in either theoretical physics or applied math, and maintaining the attitude of studying for fun at the same time. My longterm dream is to open vegetarian restaurants while working on physics problems or math problems at the side. I found the best thing about studying physics is that it confuses me what I want to do, because it shows how much unknown there still is and how strangely but beautifully nature unfolds itself.