Seniors Present Research Results at Festival of Science 2013

Six senior physics majors presented the results of their SYE research projects at the 2013 Festival of Science on April 25th. Photos of all the student presenters can be found on our 2013 Festival of Science page.

Invited Talk:

  • Torrey Hayden '13: "Analyzing the Constrained Motion of a Falling Pencil"

Poster Presentations:

  • Luke Dobrowski '13: "A Search for Correlations Between Solar Flares and Decay Rate of 54Mn During Solar Cycle 24"
  • Steve Goldman '13: "The Zwicky Cluster 1400+0949"
  • Roelof Groenewald '13: "Hydrogen Absorption & Desorption in Pd & Mg Films"
  • Alex Knoll '13: "Construction of a Micro-Raman Spectrometer"
  • Brian Thomas '13: "Building a 4-Bit Computer"