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Honors Theses

Laurie Smith
The Question of Self
Fall 1984

Bradley M. Kowalczyk
An Investigation, Interpretation and Defense of Karl Jaspers' Moral Philosophy in The Way to Wisdom
May 1985

Michael Battaglia
Liberation Theology: Shoulders to History's Stone (Shoeless into Squalor)
May 1989

Dwight R. Ingalsbe
Sartre's Conception of Human Reality and Morality
May 1989

David Pinkowski
Painting a Picture of the Self: A Revision of Richard Rorty's Postmodern Hero
May 2000

Jeramy Sheldon Gee
Realism, Anti-Realism and Naturalized Epistemology in a Model-Based Philosophy of Science
May 2001

Erin Cianchette
Seeing Fish and Birds: A Philosophical Thesis on True Knowledge and Rationality
May 2002

Matthew J. Lavin
Henri Bergson and the Modern Novel
May 2002

Thomas M. Murphy
Completing the Self: Self-Perception through Intersubjectivity and Emotion
May 2002

Charles Sandler
More Than a Theory, A Vision: The Dialectical Progression of Identity Creation in the Caribbean
May 2002

Wamae Muriuki
Bodhisattvas, Tax Collectors and the Movement of Faith in Kierkegaard's Ouevre
May 2003

Josh Obptande
Comparing Three Types of Ethical Models: Establishing a Common Ethical Theory
May 2003

Marcus Perman
The Principle of Unity
May 2003

John Milanese
Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Moral Compass for Environmental Policy Analysis?
May 2004

Emilie Grossman
Personal Identity: A Reconstruction of Self through Feminist Philosophy
May 2006

Sahiry Rodriguez
Heidegger and Sartre on Authenticity and Humanism
May 2007

Kyle Benton
The Self and Authenticity
May 2009