St. Lawrence University Undergraduate Research Journal

THE UNDERGROUND is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes the work of students whose creative endeavors reflect the issues of representation (i.e. PCA, Film, Gender, Fine Arts, Art History, etc.). The goal of this journal is to create an outlet which allows St. Lawrence students to share the results of their work with the rest of the academic community. All submissions must be original and reflective of the learning goals of the above mentioned fields and of St. Lawrence University. 

Editorial Policy

The journal will be published online once a semester. Each submission will undergo an editorial process based on a series of blind peer reviews. Submissions may go through a series of revisions. Each submission must have a faculty sponsor. Professors can either recommend the work directly to the journal or the individual authors may earn the sponsorship by asking professors with whom they produced the work that they would like to submit. All submissions must reflect the feedback and critique of the faculty sponsor before they are submitted. All work must be submitted in an electronic copy. Students can only submit two pieces of their work per semester. Submissions can include written pieces (plays, research papers, creative pieces, etc) and visual art (photography, videos of performances, etc.).


Submissions should be sent by the time determined and announced by the editorial board and should be addressed to Juraj Kittler ( of Jessica Prody (

Editorial Board

Zachary Choquette ‘13, Editor-­in­-Chief 

Conner Eldridge '13
Ann West '13 
Rene Lavigne '14
Tzintzun "Tzin" Aguilar Izzo '15
Josh Cameron '15
Hannah Chanatry '15
Edward "Ted" Marr '15
Jessica Perregaux '15 
Benjamin "Ben" Woodbury'15

Academic Advisers

Juraj Kittler, Ph.D.
Jessica Prody, Ph.D.