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Waverly Hurd

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PCA (Rhetoric/Communications)
Darien, CT

     Hi! My name is Waverly Hurd. I am from Darien, CT and graduated from Darien High School in 2013. I am currently a sophomore here at St. Lawrence University and want to major in Performance and Communication Arts and double minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Sports Studies and Exercise Science. I am the third generation to attend St. Lawrence; my dad graduated here as well as both of his parents. I am a member of the sorority Delta Delta Delta. I have an older brother, Dylan, who is a senior at the University of Michigan and who is graduating this spring. I also have a younger sister, Chelsea, who is a senior at Darien High School who plans to graduate this spring as well.
I want to major in Rhetoric and Communication Studies because I believe that communication is the foundation behind our society. I think that communication is a major skill that is often over looked in our society. Communication is known as sharing one’s inner private thoughts with other people. Although communication has never been perfect, strives have been made in attempts to make communication better.
     Last semester, I took Introduction to Communication with Erik Johnson; we studied the book Speaking Into the Air by John Durham Peters. This introduction course really sparked my interest in majoring in Rhetoric and Communication Studies. Studying the book Speaking Into the Air, by John Durham Peters, Peters explains the spiritualistic tradition. According to Peters, there are two aspects of the spiritualistic tradition: privacy of oneself and how people use speech and language as a bridge to communicate with others. Locke uses the spiritual tradition with the intention to make communication as perfect as possible. He believed that people, naturally, are private beings. In order to communicate one’s private thoughts we need to use words and language as a bridge between minds. Locke argued that words were a tool for us to understand an individual’s private property. One way society publicizes ideas and opinions is through the use of words and language. According to Locke, God made humans social creatures that need to communicate with others in order to grow. Locke believes that God gave humans words and language as a tool of communication. Through the use of words humans are able to connect with other people. Language allows people to make their private thoughts and ideas public to society. Locke believed that language could help make communication between people more perfect. Locke’s concept of the privacy of self really interested me; leading me to want to study and learn more about how communication is used to connect with others. I think majoring in Rhetoric and Communication Studies would be very interesting for me.
     Of the Performance and Communication courses that I have taken so far at St. Lawrence, they have made class very enjoyable for me. I like to go to class and I crave to learn more about the issues we discuss in class. I think studying communication has helped me understand others and myself more clearly. I think that the courses offered within the department of the Performance and Communication Arts would give me the perfect overview of different styles and processes of communication, which people use to reach certain understandings, conclusions, and resolutions. Communication is a very important quality in life; it enables people to engage in verbal exchanges which can lead to successful resolutions in all different scenarios especially their careers. Investing myself in the courses offered by the department of communications at St. Lawrence University would give me the skills graduate and become a contributing and successful member of society.