Taylor Bouchard

Taylor Bouchard
PCA (Rhetoric/Communications)
Ogdensburg, NY

     There are numerous reasons that factor into why I chose the PCA major. As the passionate individual I am I will fight for things I love and pursue knowledge in the fields of study I am interested in. One of these fields happens to be the rhetoric and communications side of PCA. As Socrates once said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I want to be able to understand the objects and individuals around me. I believe that studying this field will help me build a better relationship with this idea and be able to communicate my ideas more effectively to others around me.
     There are symbols all around us. In recent years, a piece of literature that I hold dearly is Peirce’s essay on symbols. I am passionate when it comes to learning about the symbols all around us. They can vary in meaning from culture to culture. The idea of polysemy brings the curiosity out of me and through a communication major I am able to pursue this knowledge. Communication is key in human society. It allows different cultures to view one another and understand the differences between them that are presented. This idea excites me greatly. There are so many different cultures out there it is almost too incredible to fathom. Through communication I feel as though I can broaden my knowledge of different types of cultures and depict the differences from them to my very own.
     To accompany this, the idea of becoming a more effective and persuasive communicator really attracts me. It seems it is a necessary life skill and essential for the field I plan to be spending my career in. Rhetoric is learning wisdom of the past. A huge factor on my decision was the reading of The Phaedrus in my intro to communications class. In the text Socrates discusses the difference between rhetoric and philosophy. He states that rhetoric can be both false and true. The method of exerting true rhetoric is what I pursue to do.
     I feel as though one learns the skill of networking through this major as well. I have met some great people in this department that have certainly influenced my decision. In light of obtaining a career after college I feel this department is best for me. I’ve already made a few connections with jobs outside of school.
     One of these individual who has had a great influence on me is visiting professor Sebastian Trainor. I had no previous background in theatre up to this point. My first semester I took beginning acting with Zip (Nickname of the professor) and I began to develop a passion for playwriting and acting. The class was so enjoyable I decided to take upon another theatre course with Zip the following semester. To this day, I am now in directing with Zip and I absolutely enjoy the different techniques and history behind theatre. Another reason I believe the PCA major is right for me.
     Another professor I’ve recently met who has had a great influence on me is Erik Johnson. Now my advisor, Erik has made learning communications incredibly tame and adventurous. Every day in his class is a new adventure in the realm of communications and I hope to continue taking his offered classes.
All of the above factors are reason why I believe the PCA major is absolutely right for. I am a hard worker and will pursue this major with my full and unquestionable effort. This major has so much to offer for me. It has been a goal of mine since being in elementary school to graduate from St. Lawrence University. Being a North Country kid, St. Lawrence is not only my college, but my home. To graduate with a PCA major is my dream.