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Noah Bunton

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PCA (Theatre/Performance)
San Deigo, CA

     People go to college in order to learn valuable skills that will help them in their future. These skills typically are used to get a better job in a specific area. People study biology, so that they can do research or become a doctor, but Performance and Communication Arts is not a type of discipline that is like any other. From my experience it is quite different from other majors and it gives people a great deal of flexibility when thinking about their future.
     Initially I decided to take a communication course because I was always fascinated by the people out there who could fluidly make conversation and really hold people‚Äôs attention. I thought to myself, what an amazing ability it would be to speak to someone and communicate your ideas effectively not just in the workplace, but in any setting. I ended up taking Intro to Communication Studies and it was everything I thought it was, but it was also so much more. I never knew how deep communication was and after finding out over the course of a semester it really fascinated me. After taking Intro to Communication Studies I was really leaning towards declaring a PCA major.
     After thinking about it for a while, I decided I would hold off on declaring a major right away and work on fulfilling my distributions. I thought maybe along the way I might find something else I truly enjoy and find really fascinating. I was also unsure as to what I could possibly do with a PCA major. So, I signed up for new courses, and one of those included beginning acting. Throughout my second semester I found most of my courses either not as engaging as my previous communication course or not as fascinating. However, my acting class was everything I had hoped it would be. Once again, I was really enjoying a course that happened to be in the PCA department.
     Before I came to college, I always wanted to act. My parents took me to many plays and performances as a child and I love movies and television. I always thought it was amazing how these performers could captivate and entertain so many people. However, I was never able to pursue acting because I played on a highly competitive traveling soccer team. We were constantly gone on weekends and I never had the time to dedicate to productions. Everyone always told me, college is where you explore and find what you are really interested in in life. I had just found what I was really interested in. As a competitive soccer player I had dedicated myself to my passion, to something I really loved. My competitive soccer career is going to be finished when I am done with college and I think I have found something else that can make me equally happy. Performance gives me the same feeling that I get when I am playing my sport and I think it is something I can pursue throughout my life.
     Although I may never be a professional actor or a rhetorician, there are so many other options with PCA and that is the beauty of it. The skills learned in these types of courses are valuable in both personal and professional life. As an actor you train your body and mind to be who you need to be. A friend of mine who studied performance now works for a pharmaceutical company selling medicine to doctors. His reason for getting his job is that he was ready for anything and able to perform properly during his interview. The communication skills he learned are now applied on a daily basis to his work each time he sells to a new client. During a career boot camp offered by St. Lawrence I was able to speak to alumni who were in the same major that I am interested in. Each one was in a completely different professional field and they all attributed their success to their valuable communication skills and their ability to work well with others. A PCA major is valuable in so many aspects of life and allows me to pursue what I am interested in; it is this reason that I want Performance and Communication Arts to be my major.