Nicole Romero Miranda | St. Lawrence University Performance and Communication Arts

Nicole Romero Miranda

Class year: 
Bronx, NY

     The reason why I decided to become a PCA major has become deeper than what I initially thought it was when I first decided to major in it my freshman year. My freshman year, spring semester, I was in Ann Marie’s Beginning Acting class, my first reaction was ‘I love this class.’ I enjoyed reading, interpreting, and acting out plays. I thought it was a great way to break out of my comfort zone, and to make new friends. I talked to my advisor and she was very pleased to hear how much I enjoyed this class along with how it was helping me get over my fear meeting new people and fearing they wouldn’t like me. I did some thinking and came up with the idea to major in it, PCA, in order to have more chances to work with different types of people from all over the world who are interested in getting to know me, which has helped me get over my fear. But now the reasons why I want to be a PCA major have become more meaningful than that. I want to become a PCA major because it has helped my writing skills. When I first came to college I didn’t have much experience in writing a cohesive and deep thinking. Since I was born in another country and my first language is Spanish, my thoughts are in my native language and the language I speak at home. When I am picked to talk in class, my initial reaction is to respond in Spanish so I have to translate my words in my head, making it difficult for me to make sense in English. But, as I continue to take classes in the PCA department I have had the chance to improve my speech and the way I want to phrase my thoughts. I’ve participated more in class, I am no longer as shy and I have broken that barrier. Which brings me to the realization that being a PCA major has encouraged me to speak in class hence I have learned to arrange my words better. I want to be a PCA major because it has allowed me to use the stage as my guide to leave my fears behind me and allow myself to express my thoughts about issues going on in society, agreements or disagreements about topics discussed in class, and even personal problems. Although I haven’t had the chance to perform on stage for any of the schools productions yet, I have made it a goal to complete before I graduate. Being PCA major helps with your public speaking, and it can even help you be conscious of how you portray yourself in certain situations. Therefore, being a PCA major goes further than working for the theatre, it can influence and shape your persona and I am a proof of that. Lastly, I want to be a PCA major because I think that working on or for a theatre company might be my possible career choice. I always imagined myself on stage; when I was a little girl, living in the Dominican Republic with my grandmother, I didn’t have much to do and my school didn’t have afterschool, so to keep me busy my grandma put me in the nearby churches’ choir. The feeling of being in front of the community every Saturday and Sunday was terrifying, but once on stage singing, which is something I truly enjoy doing, I felt like a whole new person. Looking back at my childhood make me realize how helpful being a PCA major will be for me in the future.