Meghan Eagan

Meghan Eagan
Meghan Eagan
PCA (Rhetoric/Communications)
Art and Art History
Chestertown, NY

Since before entering St. Lawrence University, I have known that I wanted to be a PCA major with the primary concentration on rhetoric and communication arts. This was made even more clear to me when I entered Professor Jessica Prody’s Intro to Communication Studies course during the fall of my freshman year. The way I could use what I was learning and relate it to my everyday life in almost all aspects encouraged me to further pursue this major.

In high school, I was never a wonderful math or science student. The concepts always seemed so foreign to me even though I had been learning them throughout my educational career. The courses that I truly relished in were English, art, and media. Each one of those courses opened up my creativity on a different level. I began to love editorial writing that came along with my twelfth grade English course called Mass Media. In this course I was able to incorporate my opinion into current events that mattered to me whether it be in the political or entertainment business. In art I was able to design and perfect projects with the use of different medians in the way that I believed they were able to impact the observer. I wanted to work towards catching the eyes of those who looked at my work, making them understand what I visualized in terms of meaning or even giving themselves their own meaning within my art.

Media courses are what really drew my attention, in particular Broadcast Journalism (I, II, III, IV) and TV Production (I, II, III). I began taking Broadcast Journalism in ninth grade and became quite familiar with the use of Avid, a media composer often used in high end editing projects. I would create advertisements, announcements, music videos, and videos that presented a particular message. This course was interesting to me as it took media into a different meaning for me. I was able to use my voice in a whole different
way. Similarly, TV Production allowed me to do the same thing in a different context. While in TV Production I presented the morning announcements as a
news anchor for my high school. Alongside this, each member of the class had to create news pieces through Avid to achieve a message based upon current events. These two courses allowed me to have a hands on approach to media, something I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

For the sake of the reader, I will end my reminiscent high school spiel and relate what I have said to my PCA major desire. I find the ability to persuade fascinating. Through various forms (writing, drawing, or video) I believe that the ability to send a message to an audience who can grasp it and move forward is powerful. To have the power to influence someone positively is extraordinary. This belief I have learned throughout my life by developing my passions in various forms of communication, verbal and non verbal.

My dream job is to work for a lifestyle magazine as an editorial writer. This has been something that has been a passion of mine for a long time. To be able to utilize what I have learned and to present my opinions and various messages is what I desire to do. I think it is important for opinions and thoughts to be shared, it allows for those who influence us to educate us. I want to be a PCA major so that I can relay my voice. I want to learn the skills and techniques to be able to influence an audience verbally and nonverbally.

Meghan Eagan