Liam Rogers

Liam Rogers
PCA (Rhetoric/Communications)
Cazenovia, NY

     I decided to become a PCA major because I have heavy aspirations to become an Athletic Director someday. This was a goal I found myself setting quite some time ago, pre college era. I exhibited some of the typical signs of masculinity such as explicitly reading the sports section in the paper every morning or following religiously sports broadcasting on tv shows such as ESPN. In High School I discovered that our AD had a twitter account, and would live tweet our sporting events and also in some cases work hand in hand with our local sports reporters. That was the day It really clicked for me. I found myself thinking, "I could do that", or "that sounds like a lot of fun". That for me was really when the idea of becoming a communications major set in. A year ago today I was home in Cazenovia, New York taking a semester break from St. Lawrence. I took a break from school to really think about the process of education and think seriously if getting a higher level of education was something I was interested in. The process of being home away from school wasn’t an easy one, especially after going through one of the best years of my life as a freshman here. I kept busy while home, working three different jobs and staying active in the gym as well. I also enrolled in an online education course that I could actively participate in from my smartphone. Watching hour-long lectures on the education process on how and why we learn, really spurred me into thinking seriously about education and how important it is to us every day. However I didn’t just want to return to St. Lawrence to receive just any education, I wanted to make sure it was going to be in a subject area that I was truly interested in. I sat and thought seriously about what truly interested me. I laughed thinking back to when I was younger and all the things I told people that I thought I might want to major in. Subjects such as Education, Economics, and History were at the top of my list. While at home I passed time by staying updated on current sports by combing through local and nationwide sports sections in newspapers and watched ESPN almost religiously. It wasn’t until my father brought up the idea of communications that I really started thinking about it. He informed me that a major part of communications was journalism and how that was a large branch of the communications major. After hearing that, my interest was sparked. Throughout high school I had been an avid follower of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries, where they cover a vast array of sports and major events in the sports industry in hour or so documentary films. I really started thinking that it might be something I was truly interested in. Becoming a sports reporter or journalist was added to my potential future job list, right there next to becoming an athletic director. All of these ideas were swirling my mind as I returned to St. Lawrence last spring.
     I am a Pitcher on the varsity baseball team here at St. Lawrence and after talking with many upperclassmen about their choice in the PCA major I felt that it would be a correct choice for me. I asked many of them on the types of classes they took and I explained my interest in sports journalism and strides to become an athletic director one day. I also explained how I also going to double minor in sports studies and education. Most of my peers immediately said that the PCA major would be something perfect for me. I look forward to exploring the many classes available through the communications major and furthering my education here at St. Lawrence.