Jenna Mead | St. Lawrence University Performance and Communication Arts

Jenna Mead

Class year: 
PCA (Rhetoric/Communications)
Bedford, NH

I have decided to become a Performing Arts and Communications major in order to best develop my skills and knowledge in a field that I am most innately drawn. I find I am a person who looks to connect with others and share with ease. A PCA major focused in Rhetoric and Communication studies will educate me on the way to craft and articulate messages for narrow and vast audiences.

On a personal level, I am drawn to media, journalism, and the world of interpersonal relationships. I find myself reading newspapers and watching television not only as a spectator, but also as a questioner. I question how and why the messages I am receiving are the way they are. In writing and reflecting about the role of media in our culture, I have found an area that I would like to further pursue.

A PCA major will allow me to be prepared for a future career in a wide variety of fields. Most specifically, I find interest in the world of new digital media and it’s intersection with marketing. At the same time I believe my interest in journalism can contribute to a well-rounded perspective that is able to shape and communicate messages that are both informed and can be affective in the public sphere.

By majoring in Communications without additional majors or minors I will be able to explore the courses that will best help me develop my intellect for the areas in which I am most interested. This will prepare me for work in the fields with a stronger understanding of the many components that contribute to them. I plan on taking classes in Government and Sociology in order to best prepare me for my future career paths. Government classes speak to my understanding of the country’s government and the role it plays in the corporate world. Sociology classes with give me a sharper lens to view the “normal” world, teaching me to question what is “normal” along the way. The combination of studies inspires me to work with purpose in my PCA major so that I can graduate ready to share and perform a message that is not only unique to me, but a valuable contribution to the common good.

Communications studies teach not only the craftsmanship of messages, but also the readership of them. In my PCA major, I will practice and better learn the ability to analysis content. This skill will allow for me to assign deeper meanings of texts, acts or visuals that I encounter.

My creative mind has never gone unspoken in my education. Teachers always point out my ability to think outside of the expected as one of my greatest strengths. With this I choose a PCA major in order to continue to allow my creativity to grow. I believe that the major gives me the opportunity for the nurturing of this creativity while teaching me the guidelines, and boundaries I need to follow as I do as I am ambitiously seek to be more effective.

In choosing a major, the future is often the focus. What will I do with this knowledge after I graduate? I have thought deeply about this question, but I can say I am excited for the learning process itself as I declare my major. The work I put into the major will result in my benefits from it. I have chosen a PCA major in order to create a challenge for myself at St. Lawrence, but also to shape an advantageous way of thinking for my entire life.