Jasmin Coates

Jasmin Coates
PCA (Rhetoric/Communications)
Glen Burnie, Maryland

     Every time, and I mean EVERY time my aunt tells me a story about her childhood, she ends it expressing how her younger self desired to know far beyond her surroundings. “I would always say, ‘there has to be more to life than this’” she would say staring off into God knows where. In context, coming from a very religious home, I knew that she expected my interpretation to be geared towards an inspirational testimony about life. And for the most part, I did take it that way. However, it also made me think. I hardly ever thought about these type of things but there I was, doing just that…thinking about what in the world she meant by “more than this”. What more could life have to offer me? What else is out there?
     With this thought in the back of my mind, I went through a good part of my childhood exploring, researching and developing an understanding of this “more” my aunt was referring to. Finally, it clicked. There are so many more perspectives of the world than my own. Literally speaking, there really is more out there in the world; much more than my own individual experience and understanding of it. I remember being really confused as to why my best friend couldn’t eat beef or intrigued by two people conversing in another language.
     All of my curiosities lead me to dive into several different projects, learn a new language, and begin immersing myself into other cultures other than my own. I have always dreamed of traveling the world; don’t we all? I figured that if I accomplished that, I would have a clearer insight of this varied perception of life. It is simple to assume that a distant group of people living somewhere on the other side of the world are different than myself. Little did I know, I did not necessarily have to travel outside of the country to experience culture shock. Up until coming here, I never realized that I say “marriage” with a southern accent. Oh, and what in the world is a Price Chopper and who is this L.L Bean person everyone here is obsessed with? And who knew, that New Yorkers, or any other state for that matter, know nothing about good ol’ Old Bay seasoning. It must be a Maryland thing. All of these instances have proved to me that there is still so much to be learned in the realm of communication. Even attending this university plays a role in my goal to expand my education on communication in several different social contexts. That could include, but is definitely not limited to, different genders, cultures, Races, etc. I want to major in Performance and Communication Arts in hopes of learning more about how our ideologies, beliefs, and perspectives shape our understanding of one another and how that ultimately effects our communication. One form of communication that has had an incredible amount of influence on society is the media. I am particularly interested in how different media forms, especially magazines, affect adolescent girls’ perception of beauty.
     I have, and will continue to be someone very involved in the arts. Performing has always been a passion of mines and I love having the opportunity to showcase my artistic abilities. As a performer myself, I am constantly seeking to master the craft, learning as I go from professionals or just the individuals around me. Although I plan to concentrate on Communications, I hope to not only improve my performance skills but hone new ones within the theater/performance aspect of the major.