Genevieve Shorter | St. Lawrence University Performance and Communication Arts

Genevieve Shorter

Class year: 
PCA (Theatre/Performance)
New York, NY

It began with my grandmother. She took me to the Donnell Public library where I developed a love of books and literacy. She took me to Lincoln Center and I fell in love with the music and culture. She took me across New York City and I fell in love with acting. As a youth I found myself thinking of alternative lives that I dreamed of. My imagination didn't include imaginary friends but characters, companions, and landscapes of unimaginable beauty. She has been my keystone in my life, always encouraging me in my latest artistic pursuit. From crochet to the Metropolitan Museum of Art she has been there for me and has been a constant source of light and support.
     I realized that words had power on the first day of fifth grade when I made a former peer cry. I further developed my relationship with words when I joined fellow scholars at The Schomburg Center. Reinforcing my words with knowledge I strived for self-expression when I performed spoken word. But there was something missing. As a high school student I reentered the theater after a long hiatus. I played a saucy Antonia/o in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It was an experience to behold as I learned iambic pentameter. I was molded by my director and she was molded by her actors. It was more than an extracurricular activity it was a learning community.
     I entered St. Lawrence University with high hopes of continuing my relationship with the theater and I was not disappointed. I auditioned for Metamorphoses and I found that different directors can produce different results working with Professor Fouss and Professor Hill was an invaluable experience that allowed for a learning community and numerous lessons inside and outside the theater. We worked intimately with one another, building off each other’s energy, creating something unlike what I’ve seen in New York City. I was introduced to different acting techniques and people that helped me to become the person who typed this essay. It has been an honor to work with, in a learning capacity, the professors and instructors at St. Lawrence. Professor Hill has helped me grow and develop as an individual and an actress. I don’t think that I would be alive if not for our meeting, and I dare say theater has encouraged me to strive for a better life.
     So I am faced with the question, why did I decide to become a PCA Major. For me PCA is like that blanket or special item that you have as a young child. You take it with you everywhere, and sometimes your parents don’t understand why you have an attachment to that object, but it’s yours. PCA is my special item that I carry with me wherever I go. I found that my semester without acting was bleak and bland. PCA is the trophy that I keep on a mental mantle and polish and shine with tender care so that I, as well as others, can enjoy the view. During my years here at St. Lawrence University I hope to hone my skills as a performer and to understand the many different roles that go into making a performance possible. Currently I am taking a theater directing course that allows me understand the challenges and liberties that a director may face. I hope that with the skills acquired from my time here at St. Lawrence I will be able to pursue an occupation in the theater I that I live for. Thank you for taking the time for reviewing my essay and my application for the PCA department.