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Speaking Intensive Courses

Do you want to enhance your communication skills?

In response to popular demand, the Rhetoric & Communication Program is proud to offer speaking intensive courses for St. Lawrence students.

These courses incorporate instructionpractice, and feedback to develop oral communication competenceconfidence, and self-awareness. Courses may focus on interpersonal communication (dialogue, deliberation, listening) and/or traditional public speaking.

While many Performance & Communication Arts courses already include a speaking component, the speaking intensive designation refers to courses outside the PCA department that emphasize speaking skills.

Want to enroll in a speaking intensive course?

Look for the designation “SPK” in APR2 sidebar.

Fall 2020 courses

  • Dr. Nagel-Myers: GEOL 340 SPK, Conservation Paleobiology, M 1:00-4:00
  • Dr. Yang: ECON 309 SPK, Labor Economics, M/W 8:50-10:20
  • Dr. Sierk: EDUC 3048 SPK, Critical Whiteness Studies, M/W 2:30-4:00
  • Dr. Fraatz: REL 307 SPK, Jesus in the Gospels, M/W 12:50-2:20
  • Dr. Hansen and Dr. Falen: PHIL 420 SPK (BUSLA capstone course) T/Th 2:20-3:50

Spring 2020 (past courses)

  • Dr. Brahmbhatt REL 200 SPK Explaining Religion
  • Dr. Pai BIOL 380 SPK Tropical Ecology
  • Dr. Harr ANTH 244 SPK, CBL: Childhood Across Cultures

Program Coordinator: Maurer Associate Professor of Performance & Communication Arts Allison L. Rowland 

Speaking intensive courses are made possible because of the vision of alumnus Gilbert Maurer ’50 and generous support from the Hearst Foundation.