Claude Mumbere ’16 Performs With Studio Matejka in Wrocław, Poland

Claude Mumbere ’16 is a member of an international cast that in Wrocław, Poland, stages the performance titled Harmony of Contradictions. The production involves artists representing at least a dozen countries of Europe, Middle East, North America, and Africa.

During the summer 2014, two PCA majors Mumbere and Giancarlo Filippi ’16 spent a month in Poland working with the group Studio Matejka, which earlier this year visited SLU campus in Canton, NY, at the invitation of the Visiting Assistant Professor Charles Pepiton.  

“It was probably one the more eye opening experiences for me, both from a theater perspective and a character building stance," said Claude on behalf of his experience in Poland in an interview with Stephanie Eldon ‘14. "Spending eight hours a day working hand in hand with very talented professionals gave me a good sense of where my talent and potential stood as well as how much more I have yet to learn in order to achieve the high standard I've established for myself. Thankfully, the latter has stuck with me the most - I've got a long way to go."

The performance project Harmony of Contradictions: Poland looks at the social and political situation in Poland, and especially in Wrocław, from multiple perspectives, both local and international. Referencing history and current events, especially the contrasts in Poland’s social life, tradition and culture, the artists will conjure a subjective landscape of what Poland means to them. The project also aims to confront its participants – the performers and the audience – with controversial socio-political and existential questions that are relevant to contemporary Europeans.

Studio Matejka is an open laboratory of performance expression, which at the same time works within strictly defined boundaries, has taken up the challenge of developing a site-specific piece. With The Harmony of Contradictions: Poland, a project based around the interaction of performers with space and audience, Studio Matejka is entering new territory.