Majors | St. Lawrence University Performance and Communication Arts


Most students who major in the department begin with an interest in one of the two broad areas of inquiry:

1. Theatre/Performance Arts

2. Rhetoric/Communication Arts

The department’s major is designed to enable students to pursue that interest passionately and in depth. However, we are also committed to a philosophy that emphasizes both depth and breadth of study. Accordingly, the curriculum requires majors to enroll in courses that span the various areas of inquiry. Thus, majors explore the rhetorical and communicative dimensions of performance and the performative dimensions of rhetoric and communication.

Majors choose one of the two areas as their primary area of concentration and the other as their secondary area of concentration. Eleven courses are required to complete the major.

The major requirements listed here are for students matriculating in 2016 and later. Students who matriculated in 2014 or 2015 should contact their advisors or consult APR2 for degree requirements.