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Rebecca Daniels: PCA Informal Lecture Series

2/25/14 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Formal Lounge

Directing Plays at SLU: a Retrospective [1992-2010].

The PCA Informal Lecture series presents Rebecca Daniels, Birdsong Associate Professor in the Arts and past chair of the Department of Performing and Communication Arts, and Associate Dean of the First Year program.

Rebecca Daniels came to SLU in the fall of 1992 to teach acting and directing in the, then, Department of Speech and Theatre [now Performance and Communication Arts]. Since her arrival, as part of her teaching responsibilities she has directed a show nearly every year [13 productions at SLU and two sabbatical year productions at Stockton College of New Jersey] until she became the Associate Dean of the First Year in the summer of 2011. As she approaches her retirement from SLU, Rebecca takes a look back at the theatrical activity she loves the most: working with students in the theatrical production process.