Cristina Robu

Cristina Robu

Cris earned her first Ph.D. in Literary Theory at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in 2018 with a dissertation on the Doppelgänger in the contemporary novel. Her second PhD, which is in French and Francophone Studies with a minor in Critical Theory at Indiana University- Bloomington in 2022, was about pathographies in Quebecois literature and cinema. Her research interests are Medical Humanities, Quebec studies, cultural studies, and literary and critical theory. She has published several peer-reviewed articles on care the chronotope, as well as on the Doppelgänger. Cris likes teaching dynamic classes in which students connect theoretical concepts to their lived experiences though narratives, fiction, and art. She likes plants, cats, and books. 


Selected Publications:

“L’espace-temps de l’accompagnement chez la médecin-écrivaine Ouanessa Younsi”. In MuseMedusa, n. 10, 2022.

“Le Soi dans le silence de la mort de l’autre : les Deuils cannibales et mélancoliques de Catherine Mavrikakis”. In Caietele Echinox 41, 2021, p. 207-217.

“L’Espace intérieur comme espace d’exil dans L’ingratitude de Ying Chen”. In Quebec Studies 68, 2019, p. 121-140.

 “Archiving the Sick Body” In Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal. Arden Hegele, Rishi Goyal (dir). 09/16/2019

“The double in Quebecois literary fiction” In Francopolyphonie-8 L’interculturalité et la mondialisation sémiotique à travers la littérature et la communication (vol. 2). The Institute of Philological and Intercultural Researches (ICFI), The Free International University of Moldova, Chișinău Moldavie, Chişinău, Moldova, 2013, p. 96-103 

“Doubled identities in the contemporary novel: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk (self-knowledge by self-destruction)” (« Identităţi dedublate în romanul contemporan: Fight Club de Chuck Palahniuk (sau un exemplu de autocunoaştere prin autodemolare) »). In Metaliteratura. 2 (34), Chişinău, Moldova, 2013, p. 61-66.

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