Carolyn Twomey

Visiting Assistant Professor History Department
Carolyn Twomey

Prof. Twomey teaches courses on the history of Europe from Plato to NATO and global modern and premodern environmental history, including themes of cultural and religious conversion, water studies, race and gender, public health and plagues, and the power of objects and places in the everyday lives of women and men. As an interdisciplinary medieval historian with over ten years of teaching experience, she often incorporates hands-on engagement with material objects and physical places in order to immerse students in the past. 

Her current courses at SLU include:
Introduction to European Studies
Global Environmental History
Medieval Europe
Renaissance and Reformation
The Black Death
Vikings: Raiders, Traders, and Enslavers
Romans and Barbarians

Prof. Twomey completed an MA in Medieval Studies at the University of York, UK, and received a PhD in History from Boston College. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles and book chapters and in 2021 she co-edited a book on the religious, environmental, literary, and cultural histories of water entitled Meanings of Water in Early Medieval England with Brepols Publishers. Prof. T is currently working on revising her monograph Living Water, Living Stone for publication. More information on her teaching and research can be found on her website

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