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Davis Projects for Peace Award Recipients

Congratulations to Geovania Guterres Ornai ’19, of Timor-Leste, Margaret Urquhart ’19, of Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire, and Francine Nihozeko ’18 of Bujumbura, Burundi, for receiving funding for their Davis United World College Projects for Peace proposals!  Geovania Guterres Ornai and Margaret Urquhart will travel to Timor-Leste to carry out their project, titled “Renovation of the Maternity Unit and Patient Bathroom – Bairo Pite Clinic.”  Francine Nihozeko in her project titled “A Thread that Weaves Peace,” aims to promote peace by bringing together young Burundi women in targeted rural areas to collaborate with local agencies to develop an income-generating sewing program.  Here is more information about their projects.