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St. Lawrence University continues to make significant advances in higher education while distinguishing itself as a high-quality liberal arts college. The Parents Fund plays an important role in this by providing a flexible source of income that is used to sustain and enhance the most strategically important projects, programs, and initiatives on a day-to-day basis.

A message from Bill and Nancy Christopher P'17, '17

Dear Parents,

We are most honored to serve as co-chairs of the Parents Committee and to continue our participation in the vital role the Committee members play as donors, advocates and volunteers helping to advance the university’s mission.

We joined the Parents Committee to try to more actively involve ourselves in the college careers of our twin daughters, Cassie and Allie. By attending the Committee’s meetings and interacting with other parents, alumni, faculty and staff, we gained a far greater insight and understanding into what it means to become a Laurentian. 

As Committee members we’ve found we’re not just standing on the sidelines, but we’re right in there -- on the line of scrimmage -- helping our daughters advance toward the goal line of graduation and beyond.

As contributors to the Parents Fund, we’ve learned the importance of gifts to the University.  They not only help St. Lawrence save money, but also help in the school’s national ranking. Publications such as U.S. News & World Report consider the percentage of gifting by parents and alumni as an affirmation of a school’s excellence.

The Parents Committee has provided us with an invaluable link to communicating with other parents and the SLU faculty and staff. Last year we were delighted to host an evening dinner and round table discussion moderated by President Fox concerning current campus issues and matters of interest not only to St. Lawrence, but to other colleges and universities nationwide.

Now in their junior year, our perception of St. Lawrence has been nothing but positive.  Last month we came across a short article to parents of college bound freshmen.  There were three calls home the author cited as most frequently receive (usually in the middle of the night):

1.   “I hate it here! I want to come home!” (We never received this kind of call from Cassie or Allie. In fact we had to call them only to learn everything was going great!)

2.   “It’s hard, I’m going to flunk out!” (Cassie was really scared about biology, but her lab teacher took her under her wing and got her through the course and they’re both doing fine.)

3.   “I drove off-campus for dinner and this city is really creepy.” (Canton is so safe the police will drive you back to the dorm if you’ve stayed too long at the “Tick-Tock.”)

We believe through parents volunteering to help support on campus activities, host an event, or act as ambassadors to an incoming family, their membership on the Parents Committee will not only give them a sense of belonging to the "St. Lawrence Family," but a feeling that they are acting as partners toward achieving their student’s success at St. Lawrence. We, as parents, couldn’t be happier! 

Thank you all for your ongoing membership on the Parents’ Committee and generous support of St. Lawrence!

Bill and Nancy Christopher P'17, '17
Co-Chairs of the Parents Committee

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