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We Make Each Other Better

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Senior Parent Initiative makes it possible

As Laurentians, we help each other become the people we want to be. At its core, St. Lawrence is more than a place or a university: It is an engine that creates a community—and working together, we can turn aspirations into reality.

It starts with people. Students, of course, but also faculty and staff who know the importance of this work and have the knowledge and experience to see it bear fruit. These are the mentors who guide students to realize their potential.

To honor these exceptional faculty and staff members, and to attract and retain others like them,             St. Lawrence looks to the Senior Parent Initiative: Excellence in Teaching. This established fund is vital to the Laurentian community and all it can do for students.

Parents of seniors see the outcomes of this work from a unique perspective. Here, a few Laurentian parents explain why they support the yearly tradition of giving to the Senior Parent Initiative:

  • “Aileen O’Donoghue loves what she does. She nurtured our daughter’s enthusiasm for learning and inspired her to dream big for her career.” — John and Kristin Foster P’21

The Fosters gave to the Senior Parent Initiative in honor of the St. Lawrence Henry Priest Professor of Physics Aileen O’Donoghue.

  • “Bob Washo wears a few hats: St. Lawrence assistant Nordic ski team coach, farmer, and mentor. Through civic service and community supported agriculture, he really helped nurture our son’s interest in serving the needs of others.” — Carl Werowinski and Sally Pendleton P’21

Their donation to the Senior Parent Initiative honored Coach Bob Washo’s mentoring.

  • “Ashlee Downing-Duke is a fabulous mentor, a positive example and a dedicated advisor. She is extremely passionate about her commitment to Campus Kitchens, which offers free meals to the community. For three years, Ashlee has been my daughter’s faculty advisor and helped her become a better leader.” — Sam and Kristen Pollard P'21

Their Senior Parent Initiative contribution recognized the University’s Associate Director of Student Activities & Leadership Ashlee Downing-Duke.

  • “Coach Bob Clemmer has mentored our daughter for nearly ten years. Before 8th grade, she enrolled in the University’s summer swim camp, then, after high school, chose to attend St. Lawrence. This has been a different kind of year, but Bob has remained a dedicated mentor. He’s reached out to our daughter and all swim team members to encourage them and help them be their best.”                         — Mark and Dionne Burr P’21

The Burr’s gift to the Senior Parent Initiative honors St. Lawrence Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach Bob Clemmer.

Laurentian parents understand that the University’s legacy of academic excellence is rooted in relationships. Professors, coaches, and staff members inspire students’ passion and tenacity. These mentors have encouraged students to explore paths they may not have discovered.

Giving to the Senior Parent Initiative is an opportunity to honor these relationships, celebrate the achievements of students, and recognize the mentors who helped shape their futures as confident, caring, and determined individuals with steadfast Laurentian spirit.

As a parent of a St. Lawrence senior, please make your gift today online at alumni.stlawu.edu/spi.