The Case for the St. Lawrence Parents Fund

St. Lawrence continues to make significant advances in higher education, and to distinguish itself as high-quality liberal arts College. In recent years a tremendous sense of momentum has emerged on campus with the construction of new state-of-the-art athletic and student life facilities, the appointment of top new faculty members to various departments, and the creation of important new academic and extra-curricular programs. All of these things help to attract new students and faculty of the highest caliber. The Parents Fund plays an important role in all of this by providing a flexible source of income that is used to sustain and enhance the most strategically important projects, programs, and initiatives on a day-to-day basis.

Here are a few examples of the role that the Parents Fund has played in supporting this momentum at St. Lawrence:

  • When the Newell Field House and Fitness Center were built, the Parents Fund helped provide the resources necessary to hire and retain the coaches and trainers necessary for the new facility and athletic programs
  • The Parents Fund helped to reduce the faculty-to-student ratio of 12 to1 by supporting the addition of 19 new tenure track faculty members over the past few years
  • The Parents Fund supports the on-going equipment and supply needs of the unique new Adirondack Semester Program which gives students the opportunity to live and take courses in the wilderness for a term

While parents are often stretched financially to pay for a quality private liberal arts education for their children, they understand that the tuition that they pay only covers about 75% of the total cost per student per year at St. Lawrence and that the remaining 25% is subsidized through the generosity of the school's alumni, parents, and friends. And, as it turns out, parents of current students and alumni who decide to support the school are in good company. St. Lawrence has one of the most successful parent volunteer and fund raising programs among a group of comparable liberal arts colleges. This is true because of the passion that students and their parents have for the kind of education being offered here, and the fact that this is a very exciting time in the history of the University for St. Lawrence families to be involved and active.