Charles Scanlon Award

Charlie was an amazing young man; intelligent, witty, always enthusiastic, always upbeat, always ready for anything.  He was a gifted athlete and fearless; Charlie was not afraid to make a fool of himself if given the opportunity to try something new.  The moment he mastered a skill, he was anxious to teach it to someone else.  Phil and I spent some very memorable times on North Country rivers with Charlie. 

Charlie passed away in a backcountry accident in Australia in 2009.  After his passing and in his memory, Charlie's parents set up an award fund to honor two Outdoor Program guides each year that embodied the spirit and enthusiasm of their son.

This year we have ten senior Guides coming to the end of their St. Lawrence careers and choosing just two Guides was not easy; however, this evening, at the campus-wide Leadership Banquet, we announced Rebecca Doll and Greg Miller as the recipients of the 2014 Charles B. Scanlon Award.

Becca and Greg have emulated the positive leadership that Charlie exhibited.  They have worked tirelessly, many times unpaid, to further the scope and reach of the Outdoor Program.  They have introduced the sport of kayaking to countless students, some of whom will never sit in a kayak again, and some who are well on their way to a lifetime of river-running.  The diligence and attention-to-detail that they have strove for in program preparation and instruction has been amazing.  They have worked many early mornings and late nights to help provide our campus with a smoothly operating and professional organization.  The Outdoor Program, and specifically the paddling program, is strong and growing specifically because of Becca and Greg.  Please join Phil, Colin, and myself in congratulating these two exceptional leaders.

Recognizing Becca and Greg for their effort and dedication within the Outdoor Program in no way diminishes or belittles the incredible impact this year’s Guide class has had on our campus and our office.  The seniors that are graduating now have each done their part in making our office, our mission, stronger and more accessible to the campus community.  As a group, and individually, they have set a great example for subsequent classes and set the bar very high for the upcoming Guides. 

Becca, Greg, and the entire Senior Guide class leave very big shoes to fill and will be greatly missed.