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Applications due Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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Which trip.
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Each guide training participant must specialize in at least one Specialized Skill. Participants may specialize in one Specialized Skill per season. Please rank your preferences.
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Technical Outdoor Training (Check all that apply):
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Which Program
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Specific Duties:
Specific Duties:
Professionally taughtWith peers at the same abilityWith more experienced peopleWould like instruction
Biking, Mountain
Biking, Road
Canoeing, Flatwater
Canoeing, Whitewater
Day Hiking
Fishing, Fly
Fishing, Spin Cast
Ice Climbing
Kayaking, Touring
Kayaking, Whitewater
Minimum Impact Camping
Rock Climbing, Indoor
Rock Climbing, Outdoor
Ropes Course, High
Ropes Course, Low
Skiing, X Country
Skiing, Downhill
Skiing, Telemark
Other (please list)
Please elaborate on any of the above skills that are relevante to Guide Training and/or our chosen Specialized Skills.
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What are your personal goals for guide training?
Why do you want to be an outdoor educator at SLU?
Describe an experience that influenced your interest in the outdoors.
What are your strengths in your chosen Specialized Skills? What would you like to improve?
What qualities do you have that make you unique and an asset for the OP?
Is there anything else you want us to know about you?