Official Sources for Reporting

If you wish to report discrimination or harassment based on protected identity to the University, whether seeking a formal response through investigation, seeking informal, nonjudgmental resolution, or seeking supportive measures only, you must file a written complaint with the Title IX Coordinator.  You may use this form if you wish:  Reporting Form

For Assistance with Questions: 

On-Campus Responsible Administrators

  • Kimberly Flint-Hamilton, Associate Dean of Diversity & Inclusion, Interim Title IX Coordinator, , (315-229-1881), Student Center 333
  • Hagi Bradley, VP and Dean of Students, (315-229-5311), Sullivan Student Center
  • Patrick Gagnon, Assistant Vice President, Safety & Security and Emergency Management and Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator, (315-229-5609), Torrey Health Center
  • Rance Davis, Associate Dean of Student Life, (315-229-5551), Sullivan Student Center
  • Karl Schonberg, VP and Dean of Academic Affairs, (315-229-5993), Vilas 103
  • Evelyn Jennings, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, (315-229-5993), Vilas 103
  • Colleen Manley, Director of Human Resources for Employee Relations, (315-229-5988), Vilas G2
  • Debra Mousaw, Director of Human Resources for Employee Benefits, (315-229-5597), Vilas G1
  • Bob Durocher, Athletic Director and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, (315-229-5870), Augsbury Center
  • Ashlee Downing-Duke, Associate Director of Student Activities & Leadership and Deputy Title IX Coordinator (315-229-5135)
  • John Robert O'Connor, Assistant Dean and Director of Student Activities and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, (315-229-5757), Sullivan Student Center 225
  • Roxanne Cliff, Assistant Director of Security and Safety, (315-229-5555), Torrey Health Center, 76 Park Street, rear entrance
  • Christopher Marquart, Assistant Dean and Director of Residence Life, (315-229-5250), Sullivan Student Center 231
  • All Security Officers, (315-229-5555), Torrey Health Center, 76 Park Street, rear entrance, (Available 24 hours/day)
  • Any On-Campus Responsible Administrator listed in Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response. If you seek a trusted conversation partner, or if an employee is not listed as a Responsible Administrator and not designated a Confidential Employee, you may talk with that person and expect that person to assist you however you wish to be assisted.

Off-campus Official Resources:

You have the right to file a report with:

  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Canton Police Department: 315-386-4561 or 911
  • New York State Police Sexual Assault Hotline: 844-845-7269 

Safety and Security can assist you in contacting law enforcement. While you are not required to report instances of sexual assault to law enforcement, the University will assist you if you wish to do so.

New York State Department of Human Rights
One Fordham Plaza, 4th Floor, Bronx, NY 10458.   

New York State Supreme Court
New York County Courthouse
60 Centre Street
New York, N.Y. 10007 

United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission