Investigation and Adjudication Procedures

St. Lawrence University will respond to investigate and adjudicate complaints of harassment and discrimination based on protected identity in clear, specific ways, either at the request of the person making the complaint or at the discretion of the University if personal or individual safety is at risk.  Investigators will follow the same processes to gather narrative, evidence, and testimony, and will provide the report to either the Sexual Misconduct, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking Review Board ("Review Board") or designated adjudicators as the procedures identify.   

Please consult the appropriate section of the procedures (Section I for complaints of gender-based harassment or assault or Section II for complaints of harassment or discrimination based on other protected identity.)

Investigation and Adjudication Procedures 

Complaints will be investigated and adjudicated under the procedures in place at the time the investigation begins.

Discipline for discriminatory harassment or assault can include community service, counseling, probation, suspension, or expulsion.  If a student is found responsible of violence and is suspended, expelled, or withdraws with charges pending, New York State law requires colleges to post a notation on student's transcript "violation of student code of conduct."  Please refer to the Transcript Notation Appeal Policy for details on the process by which a student or graduate may seek to have such a notation removed at the appropriate time.


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