Sustainability Program Information

The Sustainability Program: Training Leaders for a Sustainable Future!

We are an immersive experiential program focused around sustainability.  Experiential education takes the notion that learning through experience can supplement and strengthen more traditional in class learning methods.  Immersive means that the learning continues beyond class time; you are immersed in the experience.  So in context of the sustainability program, students learn about global systematic issues surrounding sustainability in the classroom, but then they continue to explore these issues through direct experience in their lives in the house and on the farm.  Within this program, there is an emphasis on collective decision-making and valuation of diverse perspectives when it comes to solutions of issues within sustainability. Students think globally and act locally.  We have multiple experiences available to get involved.

The year long Sustainability Program (Fall - Spring semesters)

The Summer Internship Experience (Summer Semester)

The Green Cafe (Fall Semester)

Paid Land Stewardship Interns (Summer)

Paid Sustainability Positions (Fall - Spring Semesters)