Starfish Implementation Project

Starfish: Student Success Platform

Starfish is a student success platform that provides students, faculty, and staff an interconnected system to stay connected and communicate questions and concerns more easily. The use of Starfish on our campus can help improve the efficiency and efficacy of supporting our students, connecting them to the appropriate resources, and our overall retention.

Please check our FAQ below for more details about Starfish and the implementation project. We will continue to update this page to share with you more information about the project as it continues.


In July 2020, an ad hoc committee comprised of members of Retention Planning Group of the Experience St. Lawrence Task Force and other campus experts met with various vendors of student success programs. Of the five which were presented, Starfish provided the most promising approach that would integrate seamlessly with our existing systems including Colleague, APR2 and Sakai.

  • Students of concern may be reported into Starfish at any time of the semester. This will replace the Early Warning Qualtrics and provide a longer window to report concerns.
    • This will also decrease the delay in which A-Team reviews the early warning reports and provide students and advisors with a more immediate report on the student’s progress in the course.
  • Faculty will be notified when advisees are noted as students of concerns, can read the details about the concerns, and can reach out to their advisees right away.
  • Our Learning Management System (LMS) will be fully integrated into Starfish, meaning that if you keep attendance in the LMS, Starfish can “raise a red flag” on students who have missed a number of class sessions and alert them and their advisors. Starfish can also utilize your LMS gradebook information.
  • Students can “raise their hands” when they need help or have questions and Starfish will direct students to the appropriate resources and offices to help. This will decrease the number of emails, trying to connect students to the right resources.
  • Faculty can send “kudos” or simple messages to students who have done good work in their classes.
  • Faculty and staff can direct students to use a scheduling system in Starfish, if they wish, eliminating the back-and-forth emails in scheduling meetings.
  • Starfish will also allow student-facing staff to see information relevant to the students with whom they work.
  • Fall 2021
    • Focus groups
    • Demos
    • Training for main administrators
  • Spring 2022
    • Soft Launch of Starfish
  • Summer 2022
    • Trainings and workshops on using Starfish
    • Video tutorials available
  • Fall 2022
    • Full Launch of Starfish

Elun Gabriel, Associate Dean for Academic Advising Programs (, x5149, Fox Hall 101) and Tina Tao, Coordinator of Retention and Academic Support (, x5134, Fox Hall 104) are the Project Managers. Feel free to contact them with any questions or comments!