Judicial Information

The Associate Dean of Student Life also serves as the University Judicial Officer (UJO).  In that, the AD is committed to educating students about the Student Code of Responsibility as listed beginning on p. 8 of the Student Handbook.  In addition, the UJO works to develop students’ decision-making skills enabling them to act with a sense of responsibility to self and community.

Other responsibilities of the University Judicial Officer are as follows:

  • Supervise the Judicial process and provide training for the Student Judiciary Board with focus on student responsibility for self and community.
  • Providing insight into the value of a St. Lawrence education.
  • Closely monitor students with drug and alcohol issues.
  • Develop individual behavioral contracts/guidelines for respective students to follow as they work with the Health and Counseling Center.
  • Work closely with the alcohol/drug counselor to assess those that clearly abuse drugs and alcohol.
  • Work with parents as partners to address their students’ issues.
  • Restorative Justice – coordinate with Residence Life to address low level infractions.
  • Evaluate students with behavioral issues that have been referred by faculty and staff. In return offer a recommendation and/or a referral.