Specific Learning Style and or Medical Condition

Registration and information for incoming, transfer and current students

Students with specific learning styles and or medical conditions are encouraged to register with the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) prior to arriving on campus.  When you are ready, please fill out the Specific Learning Style and or Medical Condition Registration Form.  Once this initial contact is made, the director or assistant director will provide information regarding the process to receive academic accommodations at St. Lawrence.  We will also take the opportunity to discuss your academic interests and specific learning needs.  We strongly recommend that you register or contact our office at 315-229-5533 if you are looking for academic, housing, dietary needs, or looking to meet to discuss the emotional support animal process.

Note:  If the preceding form or any item on the Student Accessibility Services website poses any accessibility issues, please contact the director at 315-229-5533 for assistance.