Registration for an Exam/Quiz Information for Faculty

From time to time students request exam accommodations because of their documented disabilities. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides assistance to professors who have logistical problems in granting these accommodations, however the best place for a student to take an exam is with or near the professor giving the exam.  This provides the opportunity for the student to ask clarifying questions or for the professor to correct or change wording in exams, if needed. 

Here are some of the most common kinds of accommodations students may be granted: Extended time on a test (never unlimited time), Alternate site (distraction free room), Questions read to student, Use of a computer, and a Scribe for answers.

The Dean's office has provided resources to support faculty in meeting the needs of students with disabilities requiring test-taking accommodations.  Exams are proctored in Fox Hall.  We have 37 distraction reduced rooms, computers without internet access, text to speech software, and a proctor. Students are required to leave phones, backpacks and anything unrelated to the exam in the proctor's office.  All students are monitored throughout the exam for academic integrity.

This information is being provided to you in the hopes that it will help you coordinate an exam for a student with a disability.

  1. SAS office instructs students to submit their Individual Educational Accommodation Plan (IEAP) letters to each of their professors during the first few weeks of class – both fall and spring semesters.  However, some students prefer not to reveal their need for accommodations until later in the semester.
  2. Students with disabilities are also instructed that it is their responsibility to inform a professor, in advance, if they are going to require extended time or an alternate location for an exam.  You are not obligated to allow accommodations unless you receive an IEAP letter from the Student Accessibility Services Office.
  3. Once the student has made this communication with his/her professor it is very helpful, if both the student and the professor would contact our office to schedule an exam time.  If there are changes to the exam time because of sickness/injury or other circumstances, please email our office indicating such and with an agreed upon alternate time.
  4. Please fill out the form located on our webpage under Exam Information For Faculty with the following information

a.         Student’s name

b.         Course name and number

c.         What is the announced length of the exam/quiz?

            (One hour, one class period,20 minutes, etc.)

d.         How do we receive the exam?

Attach the exam, however, some professors have the student come to class and read the questions so that clarification of questions can be taken care of before the test and then put the exam in a sealed and signed envelope for the student to deliver to our office.  Some professors bring the test to our office.  Some use campus mail or the department secretary delivers it.

  f.          Other information that is needed:

Is the exam open book/open notes; is a calculator or computer needed; etc.?

g.         How will the exam be returned to you?

Exams will be Hold for Pick Up at the SAS Office, Campus Mail, or Student Returns to instructor.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 315-229-5537

Faculty Exam/Quiz Proctor Form

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