Pandemic Response

How We Respond

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced the EMS community to rethink many longstanding policies and methods of response. SLU EMS has adapted in the following ways:

  • Each EMT and First Responder now wears gloves and a medical grade N95 mask on every call
  • Many agency meetings have been moved online, in accordance with St. Lawrence’s current Operating Status
  • When SLU EMS responds to a call for a potentially COVID-19 positive patient, the call is designated a ‘Protocol 36”. To reduce exposure risk, on a Protocol 36 call only the Primary EMT has patient contact. The secondary EMT and First Responder stage outside the room while the primary EMT goes in with full PPE -a surgical gown, N95 mask, gloves, and a face shield or other eye protection.
  • SLU EMS has ceased normal 10:00pm-2:00am weekend rideabouts for Duty Crews that are not fully vaccinated.

Additional Pandemic Response

SLU EMS has consistently provided medical standbys for the Leithead Vaccine POD (Point Of Distribution). At least one SLU EMS EMT is on-scene and prepared to offer medical and organizational assistance at each of these clinics. In addition, several of our EMTs have taken second jobs at the Potsdam Vaccine PODs, working twelve-hour shifts as vaccinators at least once a week.