Public Health Courses

  1. Fundamentals of Public Health. (1 unit) 

PH 216. Introduction to Public Health.

PH 3011. Foundations of Community Health.

ANTH 3053. Medical Anthropology.

HIST 3097. Public Health in History.

GS 264. Global Public Health.

SOC 275. Medical Sociology.

  1. Research Skills and Methods. (1 unit)

GEOL/GS 233. Geographic Info Systems w/Lab.

GS 290. Research Methods in Global Studies.

MATH 230. Differential Equations.

PSYC 205. Research Methods in Psychology.

SOC 300. Qualitative Research Methods.

SOC 301. Quantitative Research Methods.

STAT 213. Applied Regression Analysis.

  1. Electives (3 units)

PH 3001. Basic Principles of Epidemiology.

PH-3008 Maternal and Child Health 

PH-3009 Introduction to Health Humanities

PH-3010 COVID in Asia 

PH 4001. Social Determinants of Health.

PH 4003. Population Approaches to Mental Health.

ANTH 270. Plagues and Peoples.

ANTH 3072. Medicines and Meanings.

ANTH 4020. Anthropology of the Body.

ANTH 4024. Paleoepidemiology.

BIOL 231. Microbiology with Lab.

BIOL 245/246. Genetics.

BIOL/ANTH 258. Ethnobotany w/ Lab.

BIOL 288. Introduction to Neuroscience with Lab.

BIOL 315. Human Nutrition.

BIOL 333. Immunology with Lab.

BIOL 350. Cancer Biology.

BIOL 388. Drugs and the Brain with Lab.

BIOL 389. Advanced Neuroscience.

BIOL/GS/REL 412. Cross-Cultural Healing.

CHEM 106. Chemistry and Environment.

CHEM 306. Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology.

CHEM 3002. Environmental Justice.

ECON 4009. Health Economics.

EDUC/ GNDR 325. Sexuality Education.

ENG 190/EL/FRPG 2039. EL: Literary Journalism, Food Production, and the Environment.

ENVS 231. Health Effects of Pollution.

ENVS 323. Environmental Epidemiology.

ENVS 3050/4025. Natural History of Infectious Disease.

FR 3047/AFS 3045/ENG 3064. Zombies, Epidemics, and Illnesses in the Francophone World.

GOVT/GNDR 315. Feminist Political Theory.

GNDR 224. Global Advocacy for Women’s Sexual Health.

GNDR 3066. Girls, Interrupted: Disability, Health, and the Female Body in American Culture.

GNDR 369. Making Sexualities.

GNDR 4020. Dis/Ability, Gender and Health.

GNDR 4036. De/constructing Health Differences

GS 101. Political Economy.

GS 102. Race, Culture and Identity.

GS 265. Global Population Issues.

GS 268. Global Health and Justice.

GS 324. Solutions to Global Crisis. Global Public Goods.

GS 333. Ethics of Global Citizenship

GS 365. Rethinking Population, Health, and Environment.

HIST 213 Global Environmental History

HIST 215. US Environmental History.

HIST/AFS 294. Medicine and Empire: Global Health in Historical Perspective.

HIST 3107. Black Death.

HIST 4017/AFS 4015. Health and Healing in Africa.

PCA/GNDR 335 Sex Talk.

PCA/GNDR 343. Taboo Performances: Body Politics. (DIV)

PCA 370. Against Health. Rhetoric and the Health Humanities.

PHIL 232. Africana Philosophy. (DIV)

PHIL 354. Bioethics with CBL.

PHIL 4016. Philosophy of Psychiatry.

PSYC 207. Developmental Psychology.

PSYC 256. Health Psychology.

PSYC 317. Abnormal Psychology.

PSYC 318. Environmental Psychology.

PSYC 322. Positive Psychology.

PSYC 413. Community Psychology with CBL.

PSYC 456. Health Psychology.

PSYC 4014/GNDR 4030. Seminar in the Psychology of Human Sexuality.

REL 205. Hebrew Bible: Promises, Plagues, and Prophecy

REL 3024/GNDR 3025. Women, Religion and Food.

REL 3039/ASIA 3054. Yoga Transformations

SOC 110. Global Problems

SOC 187. Environment and Society.

SOC 225. Women’s Health and Aging.

SOC 227. Kenya: Healthcare Delivery in a Developing Country.

SOC 233. Consuming Food

SOC 246. Aging and Society. (w/ CBL)

SOC 253. Race, Class, and Environmental Justice.

SOC 3113/ENVS 3061NS. Green Café. (DIV)

SOC 4010. Recreation and Resistance.

SPAN 104/201. Medical Spanish.

SSES 230. Principles of Health and Wellness.

SSES 3024SOP. Sophomore Seminar: Somatic Transformation: From Self to Social Justice with CBL.

Additional courses may be approved by a Public Health Program Coordinator.