Optimizing a Tutorial

The PQRC is designed to assist students with their coursework.  That means the student is just as crucial to the process as the mentor.  Here are a few tips for students to make the most of a tutorial:

Bring all available resources.  This includes the original assignment sheet, notes, text, and any attempts you have made toward completing the assignment.

Have a specific question in mind.  Mentors can assist you much more effectively if they understand exactly what you're struggling with.

Be prepared to explain your work.  Often times, students and mentors can identify problematic issues after hearing the thought-process that went into a particular assignment.

Ask the mentor to explain or repeat any comments you don't catch the first time.  If the mentor is going too fast or you are having trouble understanding, ask him or her to slow down or try a different approach.

Be open to the mentor's suggestions.  Even if you decide not to follow their advice, mentors have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can take advantage of.