Travel Grant Opportunities

Students may apply for grants through the Center for International and Intercultural Studies (CIIS) to support projects which supplement their off-campus study experience or travel in connection with independent study and research. The purpose of these grants is to enhance immersion in a different culture and extend international or intercultural awareness.

Preference will be given to those students who have not previously received a grant through CIIS.

  • Travel Enrichment Grants are intended for students participating in off-campus programs who want to pursue an academic or personal/extra-curricular interest during their off-campus study program.  These grants permit students to pursue an area of interest by providing supplementary funding.
  • Travel Research Grants are intended to support students who wish to pursue independent study and research, to be conducted off-campus on international or intercultural topics. These grants support projects which require additional time outside the calendar of an off-campus program. Applicants should plan to stay on after completing an off-campus program or to travel independently to a site. Proposals normally support independent study that is grounded in prior academic course work and that will contribute to subsequent academic work on campus.        

In developing a proposal for either kind of grant, students should consult with a faculty or staff member who will advise, review the final draft of the proposal, and write a recommendation about the student and the proposal. Students applying for Independent Travel/Research Grants must also make an appointment to discuss their proposal with the Associate Dean of International Studies.

Proposals are reviewed by the Committee on International and Intercultural Studies and decisions are announced about two weeks after the deadline. We encourage you to review the photo essays of previous Grant Recipients for an idea of projects that have been funded (coming soon). 

Grants will be made only to matriculated SLU students whose grant project is completed before the end of the last semester in residence. Grants may not be used for equipment, internships, package tours, or tuition/fees for courses or programs. Other SLU Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants are available to St. Lawrence students who are interested in working on international internships and enrichment projects. Detailed information is available through Career Services.

Students who are awarded CIIS grant funding will be required to provide information and photos about their experience to be included on the CIIS Grant Recipients page when they return to campus. Recipients are also required to present about their experience during the semi-annual Festival of Scholarship.

To apply for a CIIS Grant please complete the appropriate applicationApplications are due on April 5th for Fall and Academic Year programs. Applications are due on November 5th for Spring programs.