Core Values

Inclusivity: We believe everyone is capable of recreating in the outdoors regardless of ability, experience, race, economic background, sex, gender, faith or personality. We believe that it’s up to the OP as a community to foster a sense of belonging. You should never have to work to “fit in”.

Judgment Free Zone (JFZ): The OP is a JFZ. We embrace the differences in ability and experience that people of different backgrounds bring. While we provide support for you to move beyond your comfort zone, we don’t pressure people to summit mountains or ski slopes, we listen to what you are passionate about and adjust the plan accordingly.

Ethic of Caring: We practice an ethic of caring for yourself and the environment-- We’ll teach you the essential skills not just to gain access to outdoor activities but to do them in a way that minimizes physical risk and maximizes fulfillment. Further, we’ll teach you how to do all of this while minimizing your impact in order to protect the natural environments we rely on to recreate and learn from.