Professor Liz Regosin sits at the head of a discussion table, leading a conversation among her students.

Spring 2022 Courses

Spring 2022 Courses

108      Intro to African Studies, M. Carotenuto

109      Intro to European Studies, C. Twomey

112      Funk Ensemble, L. Boyette

203      Early Canada, N. Forkey

210      Renaissance & Reformation, C. Twomey

223      Union in Crisis: US 1787-1877, L. Regosin

224      US Gilded Age-Great Depression, L. Boyette

226      US WWII to Present, L. Boyette

231SS  Hist/Politics of Mid East, H. Eissenstat

232      Chinese Culture Through Fiction & Film, Z. Zhang

264      Afr Amer Hist 1865-PRESENT, L. Regosin

273      Civil Rights Movement, M. Smith

289      Independent Study, J. DeGroat

299NOR         SEM: Hist Res Meth-Transnation, M. Smith

299TRAN       SEM: Hist Res Meth-Transnation, H. Eissenstat

3109    Swahili Cultures & History E. Africa, D. Simiyu

308      European Imperialisms, J. DeGroat

322      Chinese Politics, G. Huang

4018    Vikings, C. Twomey

474      SYE: Topics in N. American History, R. Acton

490SYE          Independent Study, C. Twomey, L. Regosin, H. Eissenstat, M. Smith, D. Alvah, A. Csete, E. Gabriel, E. Jennings, M. Schrems, R. Williams

499SYE          Senior Honor Thesis, M. Carotenuto, L. Regosin. H. Eissenstat, J. DeGroat, D. Alvah