HEOP Summer 2022 Information

SLU HEOP Summer 2022 will help program students as they transition into their first semester of college and beyond. SLU HEOP Summer 2022 will allow for academic preparation with skill development, campus resource seminars, weekly all HEOP student meetings and one-on-one HEOP counselor check-ins. 

HEOP Summer 2022 will be on-campus and in person. This is a residential on-campus academic summer program - you will not be able to travel home on the weekends. All students will live in a residence hall together (double rooms), eat their meals in the dining hall, take two classes (for credit and grade), participate in service as well as network and immerse themselves in the academic life at SLU. 

Program Dates: 
Student arrival: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 (by 12:00pm)

Student Departure: Wednesday, August 3, 2022 (by 12:00pm) 

Health Compliance information:

All students must be health compliant prior to arriving on campus for the HEOP Summer 2022. 

Health Compliant will mean: 

  • All students must be vaccinated to return to campus, with medical and religious exceptions honored. Proof of a COVID-19 vaccination is required for students in residence at St. Lawrence for summer 2022, in accordance with the American College Health Association guidance. (If exempt, notify Erin M. Colvin in HEOP at ecolvin@stlawu.edu ).
  • Required Health Forms for All New Incoming Students and uploaded to the Medicat portal. 

Health Requirements: All incoming HEOP students attending SLU are required to submit the following five (5) documents listed below for their student health file so they arrive on campus for the HEOP Pre First-Year Summer, no later than JUNE 17, 2022

  • General Health History Form: This form is to be completed by the student only.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Please feel free to elaborate on any significant health issues on a separate page and attach.
  • Comprehensive Physical Exam Form: This form is to be completed and signed by your health care provider.  A physical exam is required and must be recorded on our form and dated within 12 months of your arrival to campus. Incomplete forms cannot be accepted.  If you are participating in an NCAA sport, physicals must be dated within 6 months.
  • Vaccination Record: Please ask your health care provider to complete this form and request that all vaccinations are properly recorded and up to date.  This form must be signed and dated by your health care provider.  We will accept an attached vaccination record as long as all vaccinations are up to date and legible. If records are unavailable or if there is any doubt as to the date or type of vaccine, you will be required to have a titer drawn or be revaccinated at your own expense.
  • Meningitis Response Form: This form must be completed by the student and returned if you have chosen not to receive the meningitis vaccination. We are required by New York State law to include this form in your student health file if you have refused the vaccine. The meningitis vaccination is not required but is recommended for all college students living on campus.
  • Tuberculosis Screening Record: The tuberculosis (ppd screening test) is not required but recommended if you do plan on doing volunteer/service work with state agencies/individuals with disabilities.
  • Student Vaccine information - Proof of a COVID-19 vaccination is required for students in residence at St. Lawrence for the 2021-22 academic year (which includes the HEOP Summer - June 30-July 30), in accordance with the American College Health Association guidance.  As a residential college, the only way that we see to get back to a life that resembles what they so clearly want is through vaccination. As with all vaccine requirements, students may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement for medical or religious reasons. More information is available on the Always Forward Website. You will need to be two weeks out from the second vaccination, which means you should have your second vaccination on or before June 18. 
  • All health forms must be completed in English and be completely legible.

You will not be able to check into your room or attend classes until all forms have been received and all health requirements have been met.

This is NOT a HEOP/SLU policy; it’s a NYS health compliance policy.

***MORE Summer information to follow, please keep checking back.