St. Lawrence recognizes that emissions associated with transportation are a contributor to our carbon footprint. The University encourages responsible, efficient, and sustainable modes of transportation.

Student Ridesharing

EAO and CCSCN are proud to announce a new initiative to enable students to participate in ridesharing! We have teamed up with Wheeli to help connect our students to a University student only network of cars and passengers. Participants spilt driving costs, meet new friends, and reduce their carbon footprint by sharing the ride.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Friendly

Our campus is designed to encourage and promote alternative modes of transportation. The Facilities Master Plan specifically calls for the enhancement of walkways throughout campus.

Green Bikes Program

Students, Faculty, and Staff can "check out" bicycles, helmets, and locks from the Science Library.

Bicycle Infrastructure

Our campus, recognized by the Leaugue of American Bicyclists as a "Bicycle Friendly University, " is home to several bicycle repair stations and over 100 conveniently located bicycle parking options.

Complete Streets

The Village of Canton features a transportation friendly, multi-modal,  one-mile stretch of NY Route 11.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Newell Field House features two electric vehicle charging stations.

Reduced Idling Policy

The University has adopted a reduced idiling policy. Unnecessary vehicle idling contributes to increased emissions and poor air quality.

Vacation Bus Service

Allows you to share the ride with friends and reduce emissions when leaving campus for breaks.

Transportation Service

Shuttles are available to take you to airports, train stations, and bus depots

Hybrid Vehicles

The University Fleet maintains some hybrid vehicles available for reservation for all University sponsored travel needs.