Climate Stewardship

In 2006, St. Lawrence's leadership engaged our community about the many issues related to climate change. The University's leadership elected to join over 600 other institutions of higher education by signing Second Nature's carbon commitment (formerly known as ACUPCC). Since the commitment we have actively pursued technically and economically feasible opportunities for SLU to become: climate neutral, conduct net-zero greenhouse has emissions operations, and pursue education across the curriculum and the community on the issues and solutions related to climate change.

The University's interdisciplinary Campus Committee for Sustainability and Climate Neutrality (CCSCN)  drafted and published a Climate Action Plan (CAP) to serve as a guiding document to help St. Lawrence achieve our commitment. We are constantly evaluating opportunities to continually make progress towards our commitment. Every 3-5 years, we document and share our progress through a published CAP work plan.  The work plans are designed to allow the University to evaluate our progress, measure and verify our successes, and identify new opportunities to pursue.